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  • 24 hour care
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Customer Reviews

Impressive Caregivers

I'm very impressed with the Total Care Connections caregivers. They have helped me socially and through encouragement. The Caregivers do a little bit of everything, and are always suggesting things that I don’t notice. No matter what it is, they are always there.

Thank you TCC!

TCC has been very helpful to me. I can't do many things without their services. I couldn't get anything done. They get everything done that I need done during the day. My caregiver is here on time and she's very proactive to see what needs to be done.

I like the fact that they have ongoing teaching and are always educating their caregivers. They are very professional.

Their staff and employees are professional, polite, and efficient

The caregiver always comes in and shakes my hand. They always ask how I am doing. They really care about me as a person.

They are very conscientious, respectful, honest, loving, and caring

They are dependable and caring to my father in law's needs. They have ambition to help and assist him.

The caregiver shows up on time and they're very knowledgeable and professional with what she does. I've done other services before, and it's refreshing to have someone who knows what they're doing.

The caregiver that we have has gone above and beyond. She works with the physical therapist to develop an exercise plan to help
[name removed]

They match perfectly. She is good and does more than she has to, she's sweet to my mother and explains things to me when there's a problem.

The caregivers from Total Care Connections are here on time, they are very caring, and they always see [name removed] first when they walk into the house to see how he is doing.

The caregivers have been so helpful to us and I can't find any fault with any of them. The caregivers are prompt and if they are delayed for any reason, they will call to let me know.

Total Care Connections has very reliable, nice, and hard workers.

The services from Total Care Connections make my life easier by eliminating problems and giving me someone to talk to.

Total Care Connections is very accepting and kind about schedule fluctuations and changes that come up. Total Care Connections is good at accommodating my family's wacky schedule and sending a caregiver when it was most useful for us.

I could not do life without Total Care Connections.

Everything with Total Care Connections has been great. I like that our caregiver is terrific.

The caregivers from Total Care Connections help my mother in-law every day to get dressed, shower, and get breakfast. They
clean up after her and motivate her.

The caregivers have been very energetic, helpful, pleasant, and eager to do their work.

Total Care Connections has totally satisfied us. I would have liked to have discovered this company sooner.

They are there to help me when I can no longer help myself

The VA social worker selected Total Care Connections for me. Total Care Connections is a caring company with caregivers that try to figure out what is wrong with me and how they can help me. They are there to help me when I can no longer help myself. My caregivers helping me cook meals, which prevents me from having to eat out, and that saves my pocketbook and my health! I can now eat well. I like that my caregivers will look around the house and do what they see needs to be done without me directing them. They help me with my personal hygiene, basic care, and other errands. They seem to be well-trained for this kind of work. They’re compassionate and go to work automatically. If I need a little help to button up my pants, I know I can ask them and they will assist me. They are always willing to do what I need them to do. Finally, I appreciate that the office staff communicates with me to let me know that a caregiver is coming, even when I am worried. This is a good, reliable company.

She is always checking on me, which shows that she has a good work ethic

Social services set me up with Total Care Connections. My caregiver has a constant attention to detail; she is always checking on me, which shows that she has a good work ethic. My caregiver is able to assist me in the bathroom and the shower, to do my laundry, make meals for me, and clean the house. She also helps take care of the dogs when I need it. She is available to take me on any errands that I need to go on. I really need the services, and the caregivers do the things that I am not able to do. The caregivers show her compassion by being concerned about me and being attentive to me. She is also polite and courteous to me. She’s really spot on.

The office staff Total Care Connections is very polite, and they always answer the phone.

Total Care Connections will always do something when they say they will do it

We were using another company, but they weren't doing their job, so we chose Total Care Connections because we knew someone in the company. Total Care Connections will always do something when they say they will do it, and they will take into consideration any issues we may have. They help my brother with his shower and show good work ethic by putting his needs first and doing whatever he requires. A caregiver will also come out to give my brother is medications and show compassion by honestly caring about what is going on with him. My brother has dementia and sometimes gets sad, so the caregivers will sit and talk to him. I don't think there is anything else that Total Care Connections could do to improve their services.

The caregiver really cares for my mother

Total Care Connections was able to take care of the needs that my mother had in a crisis situation. The caregiver,[Removed], has really cared for my mother. Other people have seen how [Removed] has cared for her, and you can tell she really does have a love for other people. [Removed] knows what she is doing. She understands my mother, and my mother's needs, and gets acquainted and being familiar with her needs. I have shown up after the fact at times, and my mother has been dressed appropriately, her hair has been combed and her bag has been packed properly. These are things that do not have to be done by a caregiver, but [Removed] does them. She also takes my mother back and forth to her dialysis appointments. Her personality is a great match for my mother and I’m really glad [Removed] is there to help.

They really did everything right!

Total Care Connections took great care of my dad before he passed away. They did such an excellent job that I’m thinking of working for them now. I love them. The caregivers showed a good work ethic by never being on their phone and paying attention to my dad. They were able to make our lives easier by being here, helping out, and letting me take a break. They helped by bathing and feeding him. They kept him company. The caregivers didn't just watch TV. They talked with my Dad, which meant a lot. The caregivers were a good match for him because Total Care Connections listened to us about what we needed and got us the right caregiver for him. And if I needed to switch a time up, they fixed it with no problem. They checked in on us monthly. They really did everything right!

Total Care Connections has definitely made my life easier

Total Care Connections is very supportive and I feel like they screen their personnel well. Total Care Connections has definitely made my life easier. The caregivers have been able to help with his physical needs. Our current caregiver is always on time, she always asks if there's something else she can do, she's kind, and she has great rapport. She helps with showering, dressing, and giving breakfast. She shows compassion by the way she speaks and the kindness in her voice.

The office staff has called to see if there was anything else needed and if we were getting enough service. My family member and the caregiver both have a sense of humor, and they both have a lot to talk about. This is really a great fit for our family.

The caregivers are absolutely wonderful

The VA picked Total Care Connections for me and I am extremely happy with this choice. Total Care Connections calls me and tell me all of the details and what my needs are. Both my wife and I are disabled, and I have gone through surgery, so the services are very needed and appreciated. The caregivers are absolutely wonderful. They do everything that is needed to be done and they make sure that I don't fall—I have never fallen while they are here. The office staff is always calling me and making sure that the caregivers come into the house. They call me ahead of time and ask how the services went. I would like the VA to approve Total Care Connections for all of my home health care.

There is nothing Total Care Connections needs to do differently

I have no complaints about any of the care received from Total Care Connections. They have helped me take care of myself, and help me keep up with hygiene. The caregivers are doing a pretty good job. They help me shower and walk around. They have conversations with me and they show up when I need them. There is nothing Total Care Connections needs to do differently.

I couldn't get along without Total Care Connections

The VA chose Total Care Connections for me while I was at the hospital and I’m so glad they did. I couldn't get along without Total Care Connections. My caregiver works hard and does whatever I need. She does everything well. I can't put on my socks, and she helps me with that. She is wonderful because she does whatever needs to be done, and I can depend on her to do it. She stands outside the door while I shower to make sure I don't fall, and she cooks my breakfast. I couldn't ask for more. My caregiver from Total Care Connections seems like she loves the work, and I appreciate that.

Total Care Connections' office staff could not be any better. I don't know how I could get along day-to-day without them or my caregiver. My caregiver does everything that she needs to do without me even asking. I wouldn't trade her for anybody.

I’m very pleased with the company so far

Someone else selected Total Care Connections for me and I’m very pleased with the company so far. Total Care Connections is great. The services improve my daily life by providing me with cleanliness. The caregivers arrive on time and try to take care of me. They are able to help me with many different things, and I am very satisfied. They also show compassion by being interested in my well-being. There isn't anything else that Total Care Connections could do to improve their services; I am very pleased.

My caregiver has a great deal of experience with clients who have Parkinson's

The VA chose Total Care Connections for me. I would say that Total Care Connections is very knowledgeable as they are able to care for their clients. The caregiver is good for me; she takes care of me well. She is a family friend, which is perfect. My caregiver has a great deal of experience in terms of working with clients who have Parkinson's. She makes sure that I am happy and not depressed. She is always calling and making sure that I am taking my mediation, which is a bad habit of mine (to miss taking it). So far, the office has answered all my questions. They take care of the small details. I’m glad the VA chose this company for me.

An advertisement for Total Care Connections is what got my attention

An advertisement for Total Care Connections is what got my attention. It was a good ad and sounded like a great company to go to for help so I reached out to them. Total Care Connections has been good to me so far and have been attentive. They have always been able to provide us with a caregiver. We just need someone to sit with my loved one to make sure that he doesn't fall. The caregivers have done a good job making sure that my loved one has not had a fall so far. They are very attentive to him and will get him water when he is thirsty.

They look out for him and make sure he is doing okay

I chose Total Care Connections because they were available and easily accessible. Total Care Connections is very nice and polite, and they do what they are supposed to do to help my family member. The caregivers help him walk when they come in and try to do whatever they can for him. He doesn't need much help and can do most things on his own but it is good to have Total Care Connections aid around. I like the caregivers. They look out for him and make sure he is doing okay. The caregivers are a good match because they are very caring, and they talk with him. They do what they can. This is a good company.

They are there when they say they'll be there

The VA chose Total Care Connections for me and Total Care Connections caregivers are there when they say that they're going to be there. The service helps me get around and clean my home. My caregiver from Total Care Connections is busy from the moment when she walks in the door until the time that she leaves. I especially appreciate that the caregivers help me in the shower. They also show me compassion by talking and sharing things with me.

They do more than other caregivers do

I chose Total Care Connections because I was with a different company and didn't like them at all. Total Care Connections was recommended to me and I decided to try them. All in all, Total Care Connections has treated my brother really good. The caregiver will cook, do laundry, and help with anything else we need when she is here for the ten hours. She does more than most other caregivers would do. She helped care for my brother's knee by calling hospice and properly bandaging it. The caregiver sometimes will bring something in for lunch all on her own. On my brother's birthday, the caregiver made sure she got something for my brother, which was a really nice thing to do.

A very reliable and flexible company

Total Care Connections was provided for my father by the VA. I would say they provide good interaction and companionship for him. The caregivers get the job done and they do it well. They do what I ask them to do. They do laundry, exercise with my father, and feed him. They make sure he is comfortable and they are very nurturing, especially when they have to lift him out of bed and change him. They have conversations with my father and help me as well. Total Care Connections is a very reliable and flexible company.

Great choice to help care for my husband!

The people at Total Care Connections are very helpful and well-trained. I chose them because they were the easiest to talk to on the phone and they were the most helpful. The caregivers take time to let my husband do what he needs to do. They are patient with him and they volunteer to do other things and ask what else they can do while they’re there. The caregivers help bath my husband. They dress him, and fix his lunch. They also help by doing laundry. The office is pretty good at finding people who match our needs.

They really do care

I'm really happy with the caregivers at Total Care Connections. They’ve made my life so much easier by taking care of all the small details that usually overwhelm me. I appreciate the fact that my caregiver is a great worker who knows her way around. She really knows how to anticipate my needs and I have to say, there hasn’t been anything I’ve given her that she hasn’t done well. Total Cares is a wonderful company.

Great company with older aides who understand

The Veterans Association selected Total Care Connections for me and I’m very happy with the care I’ve been getting so far. Their caregivers come on time and the first thing they do is ask what I need help with and then they do all the work. The caregivers are a good match for me because they will do anything I need and they are older and have been through life. They help me with my shower, shaving, and dressing. They’re also very nice with my wife. The caregivers make sure I take my medication and show that they care about my mental health. They are respectful and courteous. They always say good morning. I’m happy with the service and I know that if I ever need to get more help or if there is a problem, I can always call their office.

A great company to take care of your loved ones

Total Care Connections is a good, loving company. They always try to make sure you have a good fit with your caregiver. If I have any questions or problems, Total Care Connections is right there to help me through it. Whenever I call them, they bend over backwards to help me.

Marvelous Company!!!

Total Care Connections has been a marvelous help to me. It is hard for me to do a lot of things that I would need to do for my father, and they are here to help. I would not be able to do it without them. Total Care Connections is always on time, is here for the hours they are needed, and does what they are asked to do. The caregivers go above and beyond and are kind. They talk to my father, ask him questions, and try to engage him. They show kindness and interest. Every caregiver my father has had has been a perfect match. They show interest and I feel like they like their jobs. They have been a big help.

Absolutely Amazing Company

I would like to say that your company has been a God-send to me during a time when my health was seriously compromised, and I desperately needed help maintaining care for my father's well-being. The ease with which I was able to begin using services was amazing, and Andrea was so helpful with getting me services right away when I desperately needed the. Likewise, the way you have worked with me on the time-frames that I could both afford and needed was so much appreciated. I'd also like to give a special thank-you to Rosanne. You have a true gem of a care taker with her, and you/she may use me as a reference at any time.

From the Provider

Total Care Connections is Southern Arizona's #1 Home Care & Assisted Living provider. As a 3-time INC 5000 honoree, we are recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held organizations in the country and thousands of families have entrusted our company with the care of their loved ones. Give us a call and we would love to help the senior in your life with home care or assisted living!