BrightStar Healthcare - Tucson, AZ

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Customer Reviews

Very Organized

As far as they are concerned, they did a fine job of getting everything organized. My dad just didn't like having a baby sitter. We let him find his own way at the community that he was at. They were very helpful and did as good of a job as they could.

They Did Nothing Wrong - Just Didn't Work Out

My mom didn't want anyone to come in to the house and my dad wanted to go along with my mom's wishes. It was nothing they did wrong. My parents used BrightStar for one week. I know my dad didn't really take advantage of the fact that they were there. He said he felt like he was entertaining them. I know they would have done more but my dad didn't let them. I was very pleased with our choice but my parents weren't ready for it.

From the Provider

Life is so much more than a to-do list. It's a series of moments with the people we love, making memories that make up a lifetime. BrightStar understands this, and is committed to making more of those moments possible in the lives of those we care for.

We created BrightStar because we once needed help caring for a loved one, and we didn't know where to turn to give her the help and care she needed and deserved. We provide the full continuum of homecare, childcare, staffing and support services for individuals, families and healthcare facilities. We help keep parents and grandparents out of nursing facilities and in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, as well as assisting parents with their childcare needs. We can provide every service available at a nursing facility in the comfort and familiarity of your loved one's home. From companionship, to toileting and hygiene assistance, to in-home blood draws and around the clock nursing care, our services are available to meet our clients' every need and make more possible in their lives.