ComForCare Home Care- Tucson, AZ

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Customer Reviews

Good homecare option

I’ve been using ComForCare for my friend who needs more attention than what a lot of communities have been able to offer and so far we’re happy with it. There was a caregiver they had sent us, who had only come twice, who called me on a Saturday one week and told me she would not be able to come because she was attending a funeral, which I understood. However, she did not call me until the time that she was supposed to be there and when I asked if she would be able to come later in the afternoon, she stated she would not because she was in a different state. There wasn’t much communication on her part and because of that, I had to take care of my friend that day myself. Since then, they’ve sent me someone new and she’s been really good. One of the caregivers that we get during the week will make food when necessary and seems to keep the place pretty clean. We only use their services about twice a week though. They’ll do activities with my friend as much as he will allow them, but he has trouble walking so that kind of limits what they can do. Overall, I would recommend them for those looking for home care options.