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My father was at RNC twice in the past 2 years. The first stay was satisfactory in that he was near a nursing station so it was easy to get someone’s attention. Two years later it was a different story. The facility was so understaffed and we were near the end of a hallway so it was hard to get anyone’s attention. We waited long periods of time before anyone answered his call button. We would ask a question and it would take hours to get answers, if at all. This is not to say the staff wasn’t trying. We would see them hustling most days. I don’t know the patient-to-caregiver ratio but it was not acceptable. The nurses and aides were responsible for way too many patients. The physician in charge of the facility comes at night - we never once saw her during his second stay. Her PA was okay but she’s not a doctor and it showed. Twice she was to come back with important answers for my mother and was never seen again. My father was elderly and quite ill and could not feed himself. If one of us was not there, he was left alone with his food. Again - not the fault of the staff as they had dozens and dozens of ill patients. This is all about the bare minimum of care while they are receiving big money for each patient. The food was horrible. Note, however, that the staff in the rehab department was and is excellent. They simply need a lot more nurses and aides and I’m sure that they need to pay them a lot more in order to attract them. The physician needs to make regular rounds during the DAY when families are there. Or perhaps they want it this way. Profit over patients. Stay away.

EXCELLENT in every way!

Great Care!

I disagree with most of the reviews on this site. My father received excellent with great nurses, RNs and LPNs, most of whom were not "young." As well, the CNAs in my dad's hall were excellent and have been there for years. He received Speech Therapy, PT and OT daily and was treated with respect and compassion. The staff were also joking and teasing him because he has a good personality. The food was bad but it is institutional food so we weren't expect gourmet. That would be the only area where RNC should improve quickly. Otherwise, we were VERY satisfied.

My experience was much different compared to the other reviews. The care was good from the nursing staff and my requests were met. The physical and occupational therapy staff were outstanding and helped me regain my abilities. I can not say enough about them. The food was fair at some meals and others were very good. Overall, the facility was very beneficial for me and I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Pack a Picnic

I must agree with the other reviewers. I had a horrible experience also. The physical therapy department was very good. However, at 11am I was finished physical and occupational (which I did not need) therapies and was in bed for the rest of the day. There was no chair for me to sit in!
The food was horrible, families must bring coffee at the very least. Creamer was powdered and the staff "had no idea if the coffee was decaf or regular."
The night staff is very loud and inconsiderate.
I too, couldn't wait to get out of there.

You Want a Honest Opinion? Read me.

I must be honest. Much of the nursing staff is in dire need of retraining simply because many show little respect or compassion for the patients... I am particularly addressing the Supervisory Nurse who intimidates, belittles, and name calls patients in the presence of staff and other patients. Then when she is called for her abhorrent behavior, denies saying she ever said such things. Her firing would benefit the entire staff because it is obvious she has her underlings running scared. That is no way to operate a "business" that is supposed to be support based, compassionate, and understanding of the needs of ill people. The nurse's aids are students looking for a way out of their minimum wage entry level jobs; thus they know little, and only do whatever they're told. In other words, they are not critical thinkers who can ask questions that would make a patient more comfortable or feel safer. Some aids are brazen enough to speak their mind about the undercurrent of complaints patients have made in the past. As I sit in my room, it is 25 degrees outside, and I must open the window to cool my room down from a balmy 85 degrees because the heating system regulator is broken. Maintenance punches the clock a 5PM. Last night I slept fully clothed, with the window closed, the heater shut off, and an extra blanket. I survived... until I saw was was served for breakfast. I think my dog might have liked it, but I certainly couldn't identify what was supposed to be "eggs". I was later told that the eggs were always runny because they came from a homogenized carton. Oh, and if you want to shower daily, forget about it. Patients are allowed 3 weekly showers in the communal shower room, that incidentally has only one show head. Water must be a premium here because asking for bottled water of any sort will only get you a smirk, and a carafe of iced tap water that tastes like chlorine. On the positive side, there are some people trying to make the best of their careers here, they are mostly the young, aspiring managers who are looking for loftier goals. The older staff who have been here 10-15-20 years really don't care. To them it seems like health care is just a job, one they can't wait to retire from, I suppose this is what a "for profit" healthcare system has become nowadays. Such a pity for any person who is terminal.

We couldn't wait to get her out of there.

We couldn't wait to get her out of there. The people were not very nice that worked there. The food was even worse than what she has now, and it took them so long to respond if we needed them.