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Do your homework - be involved!

The facts: My parents lived at the independent living at the fountains. My dad‘s health was declining had an infection and went to hospital and then to rehab. (Typical treatment) at rehab he was assessed by a nurse from assisted living who said that they would accept him for care at the Inn. It wasn’t more than two weeks later they contacted me and said that they were no longer able to take care of him, and he needed to get out immediately, with NO written explanation or backnup. I live in another state and this was not an easy task. Unfortunately, I got another call a week after they asked him to leave and they said that he was unconscious and sent him to the hospital. He was dehydrated and ended up being in the hospital and rehab another two months before he passed. I later found out that the staff had NOT been giving him one of his medication because of a paperwork process with getting orders from the doctor- basically it went on for a week. The staff FAILED to let me know this was a problem so I had no opportunity to resolve the with orders with the doctor. This medication would’ve helped with his agitation which is the reason they asked him to leave. I believe if there were people actually caring for him he would still be with us today.
Beware and do your homework in selecting a place before you get them moved!


So we moved my mom in this beautiful community where the staff was good. They came out to the rehab where we were and did an assessment with her and then before all was done and said I wanted them to do another assessment because I wanted to be sure this was a good fit. They talked to her and never even touched her. And they told us that they would be able to give my mom the care she needed. We made it clear that she wasn’t baring any weight. So we get her moved in and within 2 days we got a call saying they couldn’t take care of her. The staff in the front are not very helpful, [Removed] they are very short with you. And there was a nurse named [Removed] that was so unfriendly. So we paid all this money for only being there a few days and we got no refund. And if you weren’t able to go to the dining room they charge you 10.00 to bring your food to your room.