The Inn at Atlantic Heights - Saco, ME has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

[Removed] second life!

5 stars! The best place to visit a loved one, fun staff, beautiful setting, and the best breakfast I've ever had! [Removed] wouldn't leave this place, even if you offered for her to go back home.

Looks nice but thats.about it.

First of all they will tell you what ever you want to hear to have you or your paremts move in. the nurse is a young boy who doesnt not care for residents.many of residents do not like him and complain about him . When residents have health concernd they have to chase him down and more times than not he states his to busy. The administrater doesnt listen she is to conicerned on how place looks and how much money is coming into care about residents needs. The elavator Is always breaking down leaving resident stranded up in there room or trapped in elavator. Food is horriable they serve birthday cake and cookies and pasteries brownies for breakfast in cafe . The meals are gross residents complain the most about the food. There have been quite a few things stolen from residents to the point some family members actually put I
n nanny cams in room. The Crma the ones who take care of your loves ones can vary I have seen crmas yell at residents I have seen them tease residents I have seen them make residents cry. There use to be some good crma but I heard they let them go but really they should let most of them go..i would never trust this place to care for my loved ones again...