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  • Physical Therapy Available
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Customer Reviews

Not impressed

My mom has been living at Homestead for several years. I have to say it is finally getting the facelift it has needed for years. Recently, Homestead decided to change management once again and in my opinion that was a mistake. Homestead found someone upbeat and that truly cared for the people that live here only to change it. I don't believe in fixing things that aren't broken. This isn't a job for everyone and when you find the right fit you need to keep it. I have stopped in on several occasions to meet [removed] and I'm told she is off today or unavailable at the moment. I'm just not impressed with Homestead any longer.

Amazing Place

My aunt and uncle had lived at the Homestead for many years. Unfortunately my aunt passed away a couple of years ago. When I visited my uncle recently he was very happy there and expressed how glad he was that he could remain there after my aunt passed away. He has friends there that he enjoys having his meals with and says the food is great. The staff is excellent with him and treat him with respect. He loves to joke around and the other residents enjoy his antics. I would definitely recommend this to a loved one as I see how the staff is kind and very caring. The cleanliness of the rooms and the building are amazing. You can tell they really care and want the best for the residents.

Samantha McCue

Local Representative

Hello, thank you for the high star rating!

We are so glad your uncle continues to feel like he is at home here, and appreciate your feed back!

We look forward to your next visit! Take care!

Small town values

This is a really nice place for local residents and their families. Most of the residents are from small surrounding towns. Everyone is very helpful and considerate of others. Coming from a small town, word of mouth means a lot. I have not heard anything negative about this place. If it was out there- we would all know. Staff is truly caring. The medical staff on site help the residents with medical needs and all seem very knowledgeable. Take a look, walk through and talk to the other residents!

Somebody's doing it right!

I went to The Homestead at Hickoryview to check on my neighbor, I haven't seen him in a while and wanted too see how he was getting along. I was very impressed right from the get go at how bright and friendly the whole p!ace was! All of the staff were happy and welcoming! I was impressed with the interaction I saw between my friend and the staff he seems very comfortable living hear. As we talked about this and that he would share little bits about his experience living at The homestead and everything he said was positive! He said the food was really good and all the wait staff in the dining room are great and they all do such a good job getting everybody taken care of! He said the gals that sit at the front desk are always friendly and are great at helping anytime they can. I'm not sure he remembers their names but he said the girls that clean his room are fantastic!
He also spoke highly of the Director over the Homestead, I believe her name is [Removed]. He said she is kind and caring. He pointed her out to me as She was walking through the lobby and she was taking the time to acknowledge all the residents and to get each one to smile or laugh or just
My overall thoughts after seeing how happy my friend is living at The Homstead is that this would be the first place I would recommend to somebody looking for a " home " for a loved one!

This is a nice place for seniors who want to make stay active independent.

Former Resident

Apartment was very small. Dining experience left a lot to be desired not due to food due to rules of management. Residents very friendly. Management at facility difficult and unreasonable.

High quality independent living

Amazing place to live! Warm and friendly staff. Beautiful private apartment like rooms with small kitchen areas. Many daily activities and social engagements. Exquisite dining room and excellent food. Personal aides and Medical assistance on site for an additional fee. My mother lived here for 3 years and was treated with love and compassion. I will be eternally grateful to my Homestead family for everything they did for her in her final years.


I have been at the Homestead at Hickory View many times. My initial visit was to visit my Mother and Father In Law when they lived there. What a warm, friendly and homey environment. The staff was so pleasant and caring. It didn't take long to feel as if they were part of our family. Although my Mother and Father In Law are no longer with us, I still stop by and am greeted with the same smiles. We still reminisce about our favorite memories and share new stories and experiences.

My Tour of Homestead

The Homestead at Hickory View is a home like community were everyone is looking out for each other. Even the residents. The atmosphere is living at its finest.
The dinning is excellent, the food is very good and there are so many choices.
The administration really cares about the needs of those people who have chose to live in the community.

A positive experience!

My mother's favorite thing about this about the community is the way it's built. The hand rails go throughout the community and are built so well you can't even tell their hand rails, they just seem to be part of the decoration. The staff is amazing, they knew her name after a week of moving in. She is enjoying the company of the other residents and it has been a positive experience for all of us.

They are GREAT

Both of my parents were tenants at Homestead View in Washington MO. The care and attention they both received were excellent. The entire staff make it their passion to see that everyone was treated well and that they were at home. This included the entire administration staff, to the medical personnel, and the staff that served the meals. They went out of their way to add the individual touch to everyone. I cannot say anything but positive comments about how well everyone treated everyone. Barb [Removed], is an excellent administrator and was on top of everything. She even drove the Church Bus when she had to. This group gets the highest marks possible in my opinion. My family was extremely and is extremely satisfied with the way everyone performed their responsibility.

Great Place for retirement

Very personable staff. Beautiful facility and great location to doctors, hospitals, shopping, restaurants, etc.
Many activities for all residents to enjoy, or quietness in their own apartments/rooms/homes when they prefer that.

Great Place!

A few dear friends call The Homestead at Hickory View home, and it truly is! The daily activities available keep the residents active and having fun. Who wouldn't want that for their loved one?
Homestead is a very clean and welcoming environment, and a great choice for a retirement community in Washington, MO!

Homestead at Hickory View the perfect living enviroment!

Homestead at Hickory Review is truly a wonderful retirement community. The staff is loving and caring and truly give their all towards the residents that live there. The property is taken care for in an excellent manner, to include absolute cleanliness, beautiful surroundings and many activities for the residents. The staff does an absolutely wonderful job in keeping their residents extremely active in the many events not only at Homestead, but other activities throughout the Washington, Missouri community.

Homestead, What a Welcoming Place

I have visited with the residents at Homestead At Hickory View several times. It has always been a wonderful experience. I have noted the residents are kept engaged in various special events and activities. It has been my pleasure to attend these events and interact with the wonderful people who live and work at Homestead. I have also noted the buildings and grounds are very well cared for.

Recently someone I know became a resident of Homestead. Staff there have been going out of their way to make him feel at home and accepted.

The atmosphere at Homestead has always been welcoming when I go there. Homestead is just a wonderful place.

Not the same facility it was 5 years ago

My family member has lived at the Homestead for nearly 5 years. I was initially thrilled with the facility, however, over the past year, things have deteriorated. Multiple construction /renovation projects have been ongoing for the past 5 months. A garage/storage unit for residents has reduced the number of visitor parking spaces significantly. In my opinion, new carpet on the staircase has too much padding, making it a safety hazard for residents with compromised motor skills. The new furniture in the entry area is not at all comfortable and is not what is shown on this website. New chairs were installed in the beauty salon over a year ago. Standard foot rests are a safety for residents with reduced physical mobility issues. I initially spoke with the administrator a year ago about possibly ordering ADA compliant footrests. Those footrests have not yet arrived although I have been told on multiple occasions they are coming. Transportation services and activities for residents and family members have decreased. Finally, the quality of food served in the dining room has consistently declined. I am saddened that despite the efforts of many dedicated employees, the Homestead is not the same facility if was 5 years ago and I can no longer recommend it to those searching for a homelike long-term care residence.

The Gem Of Washington

Most of the staff at Homestead truly cares about each resident and goes out of their way to help whenever possible. The residents become family! There are always going to be a couple of employees that are just there to do their job, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

The building is going through renovations which will make it nicer than it already is. It is by far the nicest community in the area. The impact on the residents has been kept relatively minor thanks to management efforts.

I would live in the community and hope it is still the "Gem of Washington" when I get to that point in my life.

Keep up the genuine care for every resident!

Glad for the facelift, but...

I love all the renovations that are being done at the Homestead, the refreshing was needed and I hope it continues! I love the people who work there and the atmosphere of hominess you see in the furnishings.
However, my family member has been there for a number of years and I feel the quality of the food and the number of activities have declined. And continue to be curtailed all the time. With the prices, these people pay to live here, it shouldn't be a budget problem They used to have fun things in the evenings and now the alternative is to go to your room or just watch a movie. That feeling of comradery experienced before seems to be waning. Now many of these special events such as the winter ball or the wonderful buffets are gone
Although, it is an independent living facility, extra care is provided for those who are declining either mentally or physically on an a la carte basis with a partnership between The Homestead and the Home care entity located within the premises. This extra care is priceless.

Not as Nice as It Was....

I have had four family members at Hickory View for many years since 2001 -- it is now early April 2016. The new manager (since late 2015) has made many changes that are not for the better: adding garages for the cottages, at the expense of parking for visitors is clearly not an improvement. There have been several construction and reconfiguration projects inside that took months (many months!) to finish -- and some are still not yet complete. These unfinished projects are a hazard to residents and unsightly to everyone. Recently, we were informed that staffers are no longer available to move residents' furniture (a regular bed to the closet to make way for a hospice bed). Our family member was also told that she may not take a banana from the breakfast area to eat in her room -- that the banana must be eaten in the dining room. Really? A banana must cost all of $.14. The shuttle bus availability is much curtailed, and outings are less frequent. I understand that this is a for-profit business, but I am sure that just the mismanagement of recent construction projects have cost much more than the shuttle service, staff helpers, and a whole crate of bananas. I know that many of the staff -- some of whom have been there many years longer than the new manager -- are embarrassed and disenfranchised as well. While the facility is nice, at this time, I cannot recommend Hickory View because of the decreasing level of services provided, lack of parking, poor morale, low visibility of the site manager (I have not yet even seen her), and silly 'rules' in the dining room.

Lynn Stutler

Local Representative

The construction and current renovations are to enhance the community, we apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. The Homestead at Hickory View also offers At Your Service Dining where residents can eat anytime and as often as they would like. We do offer transportation for all of our residents at no cost.

Homestead was exactly what we were looking for.

In shopping for a comfortable and safe atmosphere for our parents, Homestead At Hickory View, Washington, MO fit ALL of our needs. Barb [removed] helped us through the whole process and was always available to answer any questions that we had. The atmosphere is delightful yet quiet, the food is good and nutritious. there are extra services such as medication dispensing, helping with showers, anything that may help your loved, ones plus give the family peace of mind. Mother and Dad are enjoying their new residence and we hope they will be here for many years. And....we enjoy visiting them here.

The homestead at hickoryview is a warm and welcoming environment where the residents are well cared for. All of the residents at the homestead are given daily opportunities to engage in enjoyable activities to help them build upon the friendships they have made there. The staff at the homstead make the residents happiness and comfort their number one priority in all the things they do for them everyday. The food is well prepared and served by the best! So if you are looking for somewhere for you loved one to be able to start that next chapter in their life look no further than The homestead at hickoryview and have confidence in knowing that they will be cared for as if you were caring for them yourself. Homestead is the place to be!

Always Impressed

I have been in hundreds of retirement facilities as a paramedic and later an an RN and can say that most (by far) depress the Hell out of me. However, I first began spending time (a few times a yr) at Homestead as an instructor (Health Occ) in 2011, and today I spent many hours there as a vendor for their yearly health fair.
I was really impressed as I witnessed the loving relationships between the staff and residents, as well as between the residents. I'm not painting a picture of a gaggle of giddy - cuddling people but one of really knowing each other and knowing who wants the energetic-affectionate interactions and also respecting the space others desire/require.
It's a CLEAN, peaceful and pleasant environment that provides as much social interaction as one chooses to enjoy.

Caring, friendly, family-like atmosphere....

I took a tour of Homestead while looking for a place for my mother that is closer to where I live. She is currently in a retirement community on the east coast. There are a lot of positives about Homestead including the friendliness of the staff, the intimate size and family-like feel to the place, and the available activities. Since I only have one other place to compare it to at this point, my only real concern is that it seems a bit pricey. For an equivalent, if not a bit cheaper price, my mother's current unit is significantly larger and has more of an apartment feel to it with separate rooms. Upon reflection, I also decided that the 3-meal-a-day setup at Homestead may not be the best fit for her. She currently can choose from 1, 2 or 3 meals a day and when she goes out to eat or eats in her apartment, the meals she misses carry over to the next month. I feel that she would be "wasting" a lot of her meals under the 3-meal-a-day plan. Back to the positives, it appears that Homestead is a very caring place and that they work very hard to provide the assistance needed for seniors to live comfortably in their own places.

Nice place

This was our first experience with independent senior living. Its a little pricey. Food was fair to good. Staff was always caring and helpful. Sandy always made activities fun.

They really care

Really caring people who go the extra mile.

Not as good as it used to be.

Several of my relatives and friends have chosen to make The Homestead at Hickory View their home over the past 13 years. While still the "premier" senior living facility in Washington, the facility is starting show its age. Some of the staff are absolutely wonderful and embrace the residents as family members (Barb, Sandy, Debbie). Others seem to have some difficulty with the relationship between staff and resident. You can expect that your rent will increase by 3-4% every year. but services will not remain at the level you experienced at move-in, and will likely decline. Meals are not as good as they once were although they probably meet basic nutritional guidelines. Maintenance and housekeeping assistance was once standard and provided enthusiastically. Now it seems a monetary charge is contemplated for every request for assistance by a resident. It is a shame. This really is HOME to the residents. Unfortunately for some of the staff it's just a job and they don't want to do any more than the bare minimum.

Barb Hellman and the crew at Homestead help the residents remain involved in the community activities by promoting and planning the annual community Trail Ride, which includes lunch and bingo. Fun for all.

Great Place!

My Grandmother stayed here for several years. She is a very picky person and will let you know how she feels.

She absolutely loved the place. The staff is friendly and the facility is very clean.

They also have great activities.

You will feel right at home!

My source of news and information is Barb Hellman...who has her finger on the pulse of everything going on for seniors in Washington. Her energy and enthusiasm carries into the Homestead community, where tours and activities are informative and tailored to each visitor. She is always accommodating and delivers a high level of the Homestead way!

While I have toured many retirement communities, Homestead at Hickory View stands out as an exceptional facility. The establishment is furnished beautifully, providing a warm and welcoming setting. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful, with the director, Barbara Hellman going above and beyond with assistance. I encourage everyone to consider this as your retirement community of choice.

Wonderful, friendly, warm!

Barb took us on a tour of the Homestead and it is in a beautiful and relaxing setting. Everyone we spoke to from the residents to the staff were all so friendly and welcoming. There is such a feeling of warmth and "family" that is exemplified throughout the entire community. It is a very well maintained facility and I would have no hesitation having a loved one call The Homestead home.

Very nice place and lots of activitie...

Very nice place and lots of activities always going on.

Mom was reluctant

Mom at 95 lived at home alone. She started experiencing multiple falls. I knew her mind was still very alert and she was not ready for a "HOME." The rest of the family was feeling that she could not stay home alone. I came in committed to helping Mom do what she wanted to do. I thought that would mean bringing supports into her home. We explored several alternatives in the area and I could tell Mom was getting depressed with the prospect of being moved into a place for "Old People" - she doesn't see herself in that category. Then by chance we visited "The Homestead". When we drove up Mom said, "we don't need to go in there, that's too fancy and I could never afford it." We went in, she was impressed, she discovered that the cost was no more than the other places we had visited and the energy and ambiance was attractive. She's doing well at The Homestead.

A Great Place for our Parents

Recently, I moved my Mom into The Homestead. Although everything always looks great on the tour, you can't really be certain until you've actually experienced a place like this. Gladly, The Homestead is EVERYTHING they say it is and a WHOLE LOT MORE! The entire staff is friendly and helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure my Mom is happy, safe and comfortable. This was the best move I could have possibly made for my Mom. In fact, it was so good that my wife's parents recently moved in and absolutely love it. Guess where my wife and I will be when the time comes!?!

EVERYTHING we could ask for...

Two years ago, it was no longer possible for Mom to live along in her home...we began the search for a facility near my home. In my career as a music therapist, I worked in a hospital geriatric psych unit, special education in the public school system, and several geriatric care facilities. I knew what I was looking for in a place for Mom and The Homestead has met or exceeded ALL of my expectations.

The facility is clean...EVERY time I visit. The staff is friendly, caring, and knowledgeable about the needs of the geriatric resident. The dining staff is courteous and prompt. The menu selection is nutritious, flavorful, and varied to please all residents. Mom has her own apartment with her own furniture and even got to bring Miss Kitty along to the Homestead...something I did NOT find to be an option at the other facilities we visited.

Although The Homestead is described as an "independent living" facility, additional nursing service is available and can be purchased as needed...from medication reminders to 24-hour care. The nursing staff is well-trained and provides top notch care for Mom.

Thanks to God, The Homestead, and Mom & Dad's careful financial planning...she'll be able to spend the rest of her life in a safe and comfortable "home".

From the Community

Welcome to your new home base for all of life’s adventures. The Homestead at Hickory View Retirement Community in Washington, Missouri, offers a wonderful suburban atmosphere with beautiful park-like surroundings. You can enjoy miles and miles of the heartland’s blue skies. Or head down to the river and catch the Washington Bikeway Rotary Riverfront Trail for a nice, long walk. Invite a group of friends to visit the Missouri History Museum, the Gateway Arch, or to catch a Cardinals game in the city.

When you’re not off jaunting about, The Homestead at Hickory View Retirement Community will keep you busy, too. BE Healthy by taking up a new exercise routine with classes in the fitness center. Meet friends around the piano after dinner. Join in a community painting or pottery class to BE Involved. What you dream, you can do!

Want to hear more about this amazing place you can call home? The amenities are designed with you in mind. Residents love our At Your Service® Dining program, where you can eat often and without scheduled meal times. This new lifestyle allows you freedom to pursue passion projects or learn new hobbies through our signature activity programs. Oh, and let’s not forget community happy hours, holiday celebrations, spiritual services, and more. Invite your family and friends, and let’s get this party started!

Ready to move in? Well, pack up your pet — yes, we’re pet friendly! — and make your best move yet! We offer a variety of floor plans with pricing that ensures you know exactly what your monthly rent will be. No buy-in fees, no hidden charges. It’s time to foster new friendships and explore exciting new activities!