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This is the #1 place to send your worst enemy!

I wouldn't even send an insect to this place. Let's start with the care that my loved one received.... POOR! They tell you all the great stuff upon entering the facility. They have 3 levels of [removed] downstairs will look and probably smell the best because it's what people see when they first come in. These people are private pay $$$. Then we have upstairs...... After getting off the elevator you are greeted by a nursing station with several nurses (assumption) sitting there. They look at you as if you just stepped in dog poo and if you are lost, plan on staying that way because it will be a while before anyone acknowledges who you are looking for. If you make a left after getting off the elevator you hear this constant buzzing..... What is it? Probably your mom on the toilet for 30 minutes waiting for help while the nurses continue to gossip back at the desk. There is a terrible dark rug or carpet down on this end of the building, leading to a huge window. They have flat screens on the wall for the residents and motel like blankets. What I have heard from an employee there is that the residents are on Medicare so that is why they get the flat screens and motel blankets. They get treated 2nd best or worst haha. Now for the good part!!! If you get off the elevator and go to the right, once you past the double doors be prepared for a gas mask because it smells like sewage. These are the older folks to feel bad for..... They sit in their wheelchairs scattered everywhere horizontal, vertical, frontward, backward and so on. They have mismatched clothing 98% of the time, their hair isn't combed, they don't wear socks, bras, bearded over (including some women), they still have the tube TV's and as seen by me and told to me and my loved one by another resident who lives on that side.... The TV's barely ever work, the blankets look like someone pulled all the tread over to one side, the old people scream bloody murder, the nurses sit at the desk gossiping and giving direction to the certified nurses assistants to answer lights on top of other things..... Oh boy what a headache! My loved one was told the food is like 5 star and she hated every day of it and the other option for a meal was a small carton of milkshake. 5 star meal in a box right? ha Well, as I laugh at the thought of this, it is definitely not a laughing matter. I would give all the nurses assistant's there a check for $1000 if I had it because I have to praise anyone who would work for a terrible place like this. By the way, my loved on died...... I miss her so much and if I could do it again, I would have never sent here.... She would be alive today if I sent her somewhere else. Please before getting wrapped up in this place, do the research! Call the state and find out their inspection results. I say this because this facility (as told to me by a very lovely nurse who left after my loved one died) changes information viewable to the public eye so that they can continue to charge you thousands of dollars for a cubicle sized room with a roommate who smells horrific. If anyone ever wants to know what to do to change this place and make it 5 Star quality....... Get rid of ALL the management and start over! Especially the tall one with attitude and the terrible hair who always looked at me as if I stepped in dog poo.