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The help are on time time and do house cleaning and coking as well as taking care of my needs .

I wish they would have more communication

The caregivers that have been taking care of my Mother have been very nice and sweet. They dust, vacuum, and took her to the grocery store. They have been very accommodating to the needs of my Mother’s schedule as it changed and made the transitions very easy for us. The only thing I wish they would do differently is I wish they would send me an email when they’re there about her changes in day to day life. For example if she skipped meals, didn’t do her exercises, and reasons why she didn’t d things. I would recommend this agency.

Impressive caring staff

The care that my mother received from the staff was amazing. They were very caring and they would do anything that my mother would ask them to do. They would keep the area that she was in clean and safe. The only thing that my mom did not like was that they moved things around. They only had moved the step latter away to prevent my mother from tripping over it. Other than that they were great. They would take my mother shopping for groceries and have lunch some where. I was very impressed with the whole staff that would come out and how caring they really were. I would recommend their services.

In home care for mom

We are happy with this service. The staff has been very helpful to the needs we had for in home care. The care takers have been very helpful and caring for my mom's needs. We like that she had been helpful with some house hold and personal care. We like that she does arrive on time and is very respectful. We would recommend the service and the care takes to other families needing good in home care.

Very Pleased

My wife and I are very pleased with this agency. They have taken wonderful care of my mother in law. The person they send out is constant they don't switch out the staffing. My mother in law gets along with the care provider. The care provider is extremely nice and knowledable about the care my mother in law needs. We would recommend them

We used this service only for one night to stay with my husband so that I could do a special outing. I would recommend this organization based on our experience. The woman was on time, very polite, and interacted well with my husband.

Care for mom

The care at this community is nice very nice and they are caring. We did like that the community was clean and my mom likes the menu of the meals. The offer her alot of good choices of meals. They offered activities for those residents. We did not like that they added more charges on the billing. We would suggest that other families tour this community before making a decesion.


[Removed] is amazing. She is so good at what she does. Because how she cares for my husband help me a great deal with my stress levels. The cost is high but worth it but not sure what to do once my savings account is depleted

Friendly Staff!!

I have no complaints about the care that my loved one has been receiving from this home health care company. Everyone has been very friendly to her and have provided comfortable quality of care. They are on time to all of her appointments and are professional in there work. I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone interested.

Great physical therapy!

My father is receiving great care from Synergy Home Care! The staff is sure to arrive on time as much as they can, and they make sure to keep everything clean and sanitized. Our only concern is that they no longer offer the occupational therapy that my father needs, but the physical therapy is very good.

So far so good...

My father has 3 different caregivers going to his home. He is receiving 24 hour home care and the caregivers have been taking good care of him. They cook his meals and do light housekeeping as well.

This Was A Different Experience

We needed help while we were at work and we choose this agency to be with my mom. We had 2 caregivers and we liked the first one because she was engaging with my mom and she suggested many ideas. The second one was nice but not as engaging. There were no problems. This was a new and different experience, one should know it is not very regulated in this state and finding a legitimate and well resourced agency is difficult. However this agency did a good job for us.

Love this home health care team!!

I have had no complaints about this home health care, they have been absolutely wonderful to my loved one. The caregivers that come to in my home are very professional and always on time. They make sure to keep him active and take care of all his needs before they leave for the day. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking into home health services.

Highly recommend this company!!

I could not be happier with this company, they have provided my loved one with amazing service and the caregivers have been excellent. They are very attentive to my husbands needs and are always on time. He stays busy with activities throughout the day and is kept comfortable. I have absolutely no complaints and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Extends ability to stay at home

My 89 year old mother lives at home alone and needs assistance with daily things and someone to check on her for safety reasons. My mom was opposed to anyone coming into her house every day but I convinced her to try it for my peace of mind. I hired this company because they agreed to send two dedicated people so my mom would be familiar with them and vise versa. It took about 2 weeks to get the same caregiver consistently on the schedule but she is absolutely thrilled with their service. The caregiver can anticipate her needs and in turn decrease the stress of living alone. They shop, prepare meals, pre-package them in her refrigerator daily, check that she takes her medicine, take her to appointments, and take daily notes on the items I've requested. The notes are useful to monitor trends for doctor appointments because my mom's memory isn't very good. This has been essential for my mom to stay in her home as long as possible instead of moving into an assisted living facility.

In Home care for my dad.

My father is being well taken care of by the care giver that comes to our home. She helps with meals and does grocery shopping to assist in what is needed for my dad. She keeps him active and is good company for him. We find her reliable for our needs. We would service for good in home care.

Great service

Did anything that we wanted, really helped out my wife.

A Good Agency

My experience with this agency was very good. The caretaker arrived on time, she was very helpful and nice. For the most part she assisted with the cleaning. we only used this agency a couple times and so far I am happy with the results and I would most, for sure recommend this agency.

Things are going great with Synergy Home Care!!

The company had someone come out to the house and interview the family and see what needs we had. We asked the lady that interviewed us to come out the first day and introduce the worker to my mom. They are currently coming out to do some cleaning as we are trying to get my mom comfortable with having a caregiver around. The staff are very professional, timely and nice.

They are doing a good job.

They are doing a good job. They have been helpful and reliable so far. They have shown consistency, and are working out well for us. I would give them a four out of five.

A Positive Experience

We are doing just fine since we started to receive services from Synergy Home Care. They have done a great job with everything the caregivers that comes and help are very kind nice and attentive to my mother and her needs. She has adjusted very well with having someone come in to the house and help out she actually looks forward to them coming. I feel they are able to pay 100% attention to her when it was only me taking care of her I wasn't able to do that. This agency exceeded my expectations and it was a positive experience I would highly recommend this home care agency to anyone.



Very helpful

I worked with Synergy for a short amount of time. We hired them to help out with my Mom while II was on vacation. The caregiver helped with lunch and primarily serving as a driver. It was very helpful to have them. I am very thankful and would use them again if needed.

really good job

Overall it was very easy to engage their services, and they were quite responsive. They did a really good job explaining what services they have available to us should we need them. They did so in a very informative way without pressuring us to use more than we thought we needed, which was very nice.

Very Friendly

We interviewed with this agency while we were looking at options and they were a top contender! They were all very friendly and offered the services we were looking for. However, it came down to price and there was a more affordable option available to us. However, we would have used them if it didn't come down to price!

We are very satisfied with their serv...

We are very satisfied with their services and they are doing great! They are very flexible when it comes to scheduling and communication. After a few months, we were able to have a "meet and greet" with the caregivers and ask them questions about our loved one. There were things they still didn't know, but they were very receptive to our feedback and are accomodating any changes that needed to be made. They appreciated that and it's built a stronger rapport.

Have set up in home care fo...

Have set up in home care for Mon, Wed Fri for 3 hours a day $19.95 per hr - all paperwork signed - Midge was helpful and informative

From the Provider

The Synergy HomeCare Difference

Synergy HomeCare, the most trusted name in non-medical home care, stands out from the rest because we provide home care services to all ages—we can work with anyone in any age range and with any home care need. We also fully understand the importance of both immediate and long distance home care.Why Should You Choose Synergy HomeCare?

Because Synergy HomeCare services all ages. Our excellent services are not limited to senior care. We work with people of any age who need any type of non-medical home care. We have never turned away from any person based on his age or home care needs. We can always be there for you if you are: Recovering from a sports injury A working adult who has been injured on the job A parent that needs help with a disabled or ill child Someone undergoing chemotherapy or battling a debilitating illness like Alzheimer’s disease An expectant mother on bed rest Recovering from childbirth Recovering from a surgical procedure or medical emergency

We'll be there...

Because Synergy HomeCare requires no contracts, just care. Our concern lies in the help that you need to get better; therefore, we never require that you sign a contract for a certain length of time. If you think you will need services for six months, and you end up only needing services for three—that’s ok! You