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Trusted, caring stuff

I have nothing but great things to say about Synergy. Their caregivers provided much needed respite care so I could have a break from caregiving for my husband. Their staff are kind, caring people who were always reliable. I trusted that my husband was in good hands with Synergy folks.

Excellent staff. Service so far very good.

Review of Synergy Home Care

This is something my loved one really needs. It's wonderful for the family because we can't be with my mother-in-law all the time. It's invaluable. There's nothing they need to improve.

Review of Synergy Home Care

I can't thank them enough for all the care shown to me over the past 8 months. Synergy took great care to make our lives easier. Their caregivers were very special and they will not be forgotten!

Review of Synergy Homecare

I get shower assistance. The caregiver does a great job - she even holds my clothes so I don't put them on backwards!

Review of Synergy Homecare

Synergy cares for my loved one. If we didn't have them, we would be in trouble! They have been really easy to work with and notify me by phone to let me know of any changes in the schedule.

Review of Synergy Homecare

The people they send have been professional and have done a good job.

Review of Synergy Homecare

They have done very well. The scheduling works smoothly and they are very good at following up if there's a problem.

Review of Synergy Home Care Roseville

Synergy homecare has sent very good help. There was one day when I was in a bad mood; I apologized to the caregiver for being a curmudgeon and the caregiver told me that I was a joy which made my day.

Review of Synergy Home Care Roseville

The caregivers that came are on time, they do the things they need and they are pleasant. The contact with the social workers and director have been pleasant. Synergy has met my expectations and exceeded some as well!

Review of Synergy Home Care Roseville

Synergy homecare has met my expectations. The caregivers are a good match because they care for my dad's safety and they do little things I ask of them. Synergy's office staff is very upfront with problems when they come up and they are able to deal with them.

Review of Synergy Home Care Roseville

Synergy homecare has been really flexible for us. They were able to give us just 2 hours a week for now. The caregiver will do what my grandma tells her to do in a timely manner. My grandma is hard to please - and synergy has done it!

Review of Synergy Home Care Roseville

Synergy homecare has made my life easier. The caregivers show they care by listening. The office staff will take care of anything I ask for . like changing the schedule.

Review of Synergy Homecare

I love the calm and competent caregivers from Synergy. Together with nurse Tom, we were able to prevent a recent situation with my mother from spiraling out of control as it did last years before bringing in Synergy. I love the great support from my Synergy team.

Wonderful care & service.

Would Recommend Them

Even though I only needed this agency for a short time the services were outstanding. They did anything that I was in need of. The caregiver was friendly very professional and always on time. The caregivers were always willing to take mom shopping if she needed.

I have found the home care givers well trained and attentive to any special needs that arise.

In Need Of Better Customer Service

My mom did great with the caregivers that helped her and she liked them too. The caregiver did what they were suppose to do. However, it was an okay experience for me. I was told they would bring some equipment to help my mom. I had to remind them to bring it after they came to the house. They also use a booklet to track the care and her health information. Their portal does not allow me the access to see what they did or get information about her weight, etc. I sent an email to them and let them know about the matter. I never got a response back. They can improve with customer service, better communication, and upgrade their internet portal for family access.

James Zenk

Local Representative

I'm sorry that your experience was not an overly positive one with Synergy HomeCare.
It is true that our portal did not have the features that you requested; we have been in contact with the developers and they tell us a new upgrade is coming soon that will give better daily insight to family members that are not geographically close to where the care is being given.
Thanks again for the opportunity to serve your mother.
Best regards, Jim

My Dad's Caregivers

It is very good so far with this agency. The caregivers have been good so far and they provide companionship and light care. My dad likes the ladies who help him that are very nice to him. They have been ready and on time when we need them. I would recommend them to my family.

Good In Home Care

This is a great service. The caregiver was helpful and very caring. She came and helped me out while on vacation. I would recommend this company for good in home care.

5 stars all the way!!!

Synergy Home Care has been a good agency to work with. The housekeeping staff are friendly and punctual. They get along well with my cousin. The office staff are easy to work with as well. I would recommend this service.

Every caregiver that worked with my husband who has mild Alzheimers was excellent. They were mindful of his needs and let him rest when he needed to.

They produced great meals for him and kept him company. J
Every on of the your people were warm, quiet, and comforting which is what he needs at this point.

Thank you so much.

I think it's working out pretty well so far.

I'm not there so I don't know if they are sending the same person on a regular basis, but I haven't heard any complaints so far. I think it's working out pretty well so far. I would give them a four.

There have been some real challenges with them with scheduling.

There have been some real challenges with them with scheduling. They may have left early on a couple of occasions. We were impressed with the man that owns the business, but we have had some caregivers that really haven't worked out.

They're doing a good job taking care ...

They're doing a good job taking care of my mother. They're here a couple of times a day, an hour or two at a time and they're always very friendly to her. I'm getting excellent service for the money.

Met Jim Zenk...very nice ma...

Met Jim Zenk...very nice man and I would work with him immediately but my mother is not ready to allow anyone in her home at this time.

From the Provider

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to serve Minneapolis/Saint Paul and the central metro suburbs.
We have been in business 8 years; we are accredited by the BBB and have been honored with the 2017 Top Home Care award by
We look forward to visiting with you soon!