SYNERGY Home Care - Maitland, FL

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Customer Reviews

Very disappointed

They put on a good show for us to sign the documents, but after that, no communication. Helpers would just not show up, promises of invoices would never show up. Promises from the owner that she would take my father to his doctor appointments, never heard from her again when appointment time came. No show from the aide prior to the hurricane even though she was supposed to come. No phone calls to say she wasn't coming. Helpers who were unprofessional. Then without warning they passed my father off to another company without contacting us. Zero communication. Not once in 4 months did we receive any information about how our father was doing health wise and cognitively. Never once did the owner express concern at the distance their aides were driving, yet magically this was the reason they dropped us with no warning. Just a random phone call from another company telling us they are now handling my father's care.

Good Home Care Provided

The home care provided by Synergy Home Care is pretty good. They have only been working here at my home for a little over a month so far. They try very hard to provide quality care. They send out different care givers each time and some of them are better than others. They show up well groomed and I feel comfortable with them helping me out. They show up on time and are willing to do whatever I ask of them.