Synergy Home Care - La Mesa/East County - La Mesa, CA

Synergy Home Care - La Mesa/East County - La Mesa, CA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Mom love's the Inn, and we think it is great for seniors.

Thank you for all your great help.

Bigger Company

We interviewed with Synergy Home Care -La Mesa. The owner was very professional and he did a good job explaining the type of care and services they could provide. They have a bigger company with about 80 employees. We ended up choosing a company that was a little smaller. We were concerned that we might get lost in the shuffle of a bigger company.

They Were Helpful Around the House

When I had someone come to my house from Synergy Home Care it was okay. We got along and they were friendly and professional. They were primarily there to help me around the house or to make me something to eat. The person I had was an experienced home care provider.

first provider was very inexperienced and needed lots of direction. She left early and didn't show up, or even call, at all on the third visit. It was difficult to reach [Removed]. Yesterday a new girl was sent out that was excellent. Very self directed, efficient, and experienced. We are truly hoping she will stay. Different people coming in and out of the house is disturbing to [Removed]. We are hoping for consistency.

Great Care

I am happy with this service. The care taker is great. She is helping with being a great companion. She does some errans that he is. needing. Some laudry needs from time to time. This serivces comes highly recommended for the great help that I have been given and other families might want to contact them for care for someone at home.

The Caregiver Brings Encouragement

The home care is going pretty well with the caregiver. We have a new caregiver for 8 hours and she is really wonderful and things are good. She has wonderful friendliness and is interactive. She is not too successful with hygiene but she is breaking through and encouraging my mom to do some activities. I like them and they are nice people.

Very Pro Active Care Givers

This agency did a very good job of helping my mother out. I would give them the highest rating in everything. We are no longer using their services, but it was a nice experience. There was three women that came out and they were great. The third lady my mother had a good relationship with. They all with out their way to make sure she was happy. They would help with some cooking and cleaning. The care givers were very pro active.

A good service!!

I chose Synergy Home Care over 2 other companies as I felt their caregivers were more compatible. They show up on time and help around the house as needed. I am very happy with them.

Really good service

Really liked the caregivers provided as well as the administrator. They did a great Job. We will use them again if the need arises.

A place for mom did refer me to Synergy Home Care for in-home care.

What a place for mom did not tell me, is that their fee is an hourly fee for every hour that the care giver is present. This adds up to a whopping amount of the bill each week.