Honeysuckle Place - Hayden, ID

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Customer Reviews

Budget Wise

A very nice, charming community. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. It really came down to the rates being higher than the place we ended up choosing. Mom's care is going to increase as time goes on, so we have to budget wisely.

My wife's care and comfort

The care at this community. We are happy with the staff who keep me informed on her progress. The menu is very good and she does enjoy the menu. The activities are offered to the residents who want to participate. We would recommend it for the cleanliness and the good value to other families needing care for a loved one.

Very organized (home) for Seniors

A twenty year facility, very clean, very organized for Seniors. The Directors were very helpful in helping organize my fathers situation. Only concern is short staffing, and a concern with a cook, which has been corrected. It was very nice to see that when issues arise they are addressed, and are corrected in a proper time frame.

Tour for care

I toured this community. I was not comfortable with the settings and the environment of this community. The staff were nice and caring and were able to answer my questions, Rooms have to be shared at this community. I would recommend that families tour this community for the care of a loved one.

Worthless medical attention

Severely understaffed for the amount of residents. The nurse is worthless, or lazy, and doesn't provide the care that is needed causing either sickness or injury to their residents, some of which gets to far to be fixed.

Be Very Cautious and Don't Be Fooled by Appearances

This facility is top-heavy with administrator-types who sit in visible offices in the main area. They appear impressive. They are friendly and good with the sales job. BUT - this facility is severely understaffed. This facility is particularly NOT recommended for anyone with any degree of dementia, as it is too large and isolating and there are simply not enough staff. My mother had a medication error here that the "nurse" never caught, leading to numerous ER visits. They also do not monitor for changes in health conditions - my mother developed terrible UTIs and the facility never noticed nor addressed them, even when asked to collect a urine sample to test for a UTI. They have a facility "doctor" who is never available to speak with family members and I suspect is only there to protect them from liability. I was never able to get any administrator to explain how my mother's care was being carried out. They have no way to connect the "points" you pay for with daily care. They also are lax with safety issues - I watched a man with dementia walk out the front door and down the sidewalk - there were no staff anywhere near the door to monitor this. The doors were routinely left open late at night with no one staffing the front area and staff usually busy in resident's rooms - anyone could have wandered in off the street. They do have the most spacious rooms I saw in any facility - it's just too bad they can't provide good care for the money that is paid.

Very pleased

We have been very pleased with Honeysuckle Place. The staff is exceptional, the food is great, there are many planned activities for residents. Our mother is very happy there.

Nice Community!!

I have no complaints about this community and the tour my family and I had received. The staff was very knowledgeable and made sure to answer any questions that my loved one and I had in detail. The facility was just a little to large for what we where looking for and the location was too far from the family.

Slow Pace!!

The HoneySuckle Place was not what we were looking for. The place seemed pretty dead, there didn't seem to be much activity going on. The staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions during my tour.


The facility is not good at reimbursement of money owing. Under [Removed] management this facility ran much better. My mother's quality of care dropped & this facility was not capable of caring for her. There is not enough employees for the amount of residences.

Outstanding Care for my mom

This is a outstanding community. My mom really likes the food and the variety. They offer her wonderful activities to help her stay active. We would highly recommend this community to other families for great care.

The Hidden Jewel In Our Community

Larry and I had looked at a couple homes in our immediate area for Jacque, his mother. We found Honeysuckle Place to be exactly what we were looking for! The first thing we noticed was how clean and spacious the facility is. The staff is so friendly and polite, we noticed how they were interacting with the other residents, and that impressed us very much. We've eaten with her there, and the food is really very good, and well balanced meals are offered 3x a day, plus snacks and beverages. Her room is neat as a pin, and it's just what she needs. They have many activities, and events they plan for the residents, and that was important. Jacque has completed her second week now, and she seems more upbeat and positive about everything in general. At first, she told us she wasn't going to like it, and was very negative the first couple days. Now she's made friends and participates in activities, and she seems much more alert than what she was at our house. We are very, very happy with everyone and everything at Honeysuckle Place, a hidden jewel in our community. Thanks to everyone involved!

A must see community!

The tour of HoneySuckle Place was great! We really liked the gal who offered the tour. She was very friendly and addressed all of our concerns. The community is very clean and well kept. We really liked that they accepted pets including cats and dogs. We did not choose HoneySuckle Place because they did not have a room available at the time for my loved ones.

Taking Good Care Of My Friend

This is a community I would recommend, because they are taking good care of my friend. He is doing pretty well here. This community is smaller and older compared to others. The community looks great, they do keep the facility and his room well maintained. They have a very good staff here. There are nice activities offered. Overall he is safe and in good hands.

Everybody Is Very Nice

Everybody has been very nice and kind to us at this community. They are caring for my mother in law very well. This is really a wonderful community with good people. Everything so far is going very well. There are nice activities offered when she is ready. She says the food is okay. It has been a good experience and I would recommend it.

Honeysuckle Place (great experience)

An elderly family friend of ours needed a senior living facility, after he was relocated to the North Idaho Area from Los Angeles.

We found Honeysuckle Place, and it was truly what we were looking for. They were professional, attentive, friendly and honest. Just an outstanding team, from leadership to the attendants.

Unfortuantely, Mr. Todt's health failed, and they easily worked with North Idaho Hospice during the transition.

Highly recommended!

Their billing is goofed up

Their billing is goofed up at Sylvan House. The communication between the billing and the facility needs improving. They do have live entertainment at the facility which mom really enjoys.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident's quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you'll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.