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Stay at home care llc 210 main st Manchester Ct
The worse ! Aides are awesome but the owner is awful she has no compassion at all she's money hungry. Please go somewhere else. If it's not about her money she does not care about your loved ones.

Good service

Our experience with Stay at Home has been a very good one! The administrative staff are very communicative and helpful, and all of the aides they've sent have been qualified and friendly. I would recommend them!

They are affordable and very pleasant to deal with. They are reliable and caregivers are cordial.

It's been good overall

We have had a few glitches along the way but everything is currently under control. We have been utilizing services with Stay At Home for some time now and have been through two different caregivers. Our current caregiver is great! She helps my Mom with light housekeeping as well as exercising. The only complaint I have is that communication could be better between the agency and myself. I hate to talk about my mom in front of my mom and I haven't had the chance to have a one on one with the caregiver. other than that everything is going well.

Communication is key

Stay At Home has been really great. The only complaint that I have is the fact that they don't communicate efficiently.

Highly recommended

The caregivers that we met and lived with were amazing, caring, experienced people. They offered many insights in care and hospice management - had a wealth of knowledge, but respected our views and decisions.

Dianne is a professional. If anything came up, she would handle it as if it were her own mother.

Pleased with the service

Our experience with Stay At Home Care has been a good one, they've been a big help! They've been very accommodating when it comes to making sure we get a caregiver that works well with my loved one, and they always show up reliably and on time.

Current Caregiver is Good

The woman that we have been dealing with, Diane, is great. I think she's been really good but we had a problem with the first caregiver which Stay At Home Care handled very quickly. To be on the safe side we installed nanny cams in the house. The first caregiver, who came highly recommended, just stayed in her room with the door shut for 21 hours a day while my mother, who has advanced Alzheimer's, just meandered around the house alone. It was horrifying. She left my mother to fend for herself. Without the nanny cams there would be no way to know. When we met her she seemed great and other families highly recommended her. I don't think Stay At Home Care knew about this. As soon as I called them and told them about it they immediately took care of it. She was fired immediately, they got a temp person in the next day and a permanent person soon after who so far seems to be what we're looking for.

I want to stress that they took care of the problem immediately and they were just as shocked and horrified as we were. Diane is really caring and thorough and so far the new caregiver seems really good and the temporary replacement was good too. Also if you have the interest and the money I would really recommend the nanny cams. Without them we never would have known my mother was being neglected.

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