Stafford Healthcare - Sea Tac - Des Moines, WA

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Customer Reviews

Rehab Stay

I think they did a great job here when my dad was here for rehab. I have worked in these places and no one place is perfect. I would recommend if you need a place.


I was first impressed with the friendly, helpful attitude which seems to be shared by all staff members. They all went out of their way to make mine a very pleasant healing experience. The entire facility, or at least what I have seen of it, is exceptionally clean and fresh smelling and gives the impression that these folks really care. I found the food to be of excellent quality and served in ample portions. Although delicious, I was rarely able to eat everything I was served before becoming full.
Overall, this is the best facility of it's kind I have yet seen, and I have seen a few. I would recommend it to anyone.

Don't recommend

Would NOT recommend! Pushed button to get my moms meds, waited 10 min. Turned it off, tried again, still no response. Walked up to nursing station, gal was too busy on her cell phone to even acknowledge that we were standing there! Finally another nurse walked up, told me, well we were on shift change... oh, so if it's a shift change don't ask for anything huh! Not clean, smells... not happy!

Would NOT recommend

We had a terrible experience with this facility, I absolutely would not recommend them. It was extremely negative across the board. We ran into errors with my loved one's medication, and the staff were not trained well when it came to some fairly common medical equipment.