St. Anthony's Gardens - Covington, LA

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Customer Reviews


My son was hired by St. Anthony’s. I was impressed they hired him with a disability that he was up front with in the interview. They said they were committed to work with him. For 8 months they did. A situation came up that I was called about. They said he was feeling really stressed and in support of him they suggested he take his 2 weeks vacation that he earned and rest. One week into the vacation st Anthony’s called him and said he would not be coming back. This has crushed my child. Thanks for the guts of doing it over the phone and crushing my son after giving him hope. This one phone call has single handily shaken my child’s trust in believing people at their word. Thanks for taking the cowardly way out of a phone call and also avoiding my call for an explanation. [name removed]

Truly a beautiful setting. The community and the staff really made me feel comfortable. I spoke with several staff members while there. The only negative (if it is one) is that storage in the room is lacking. They only had 1 very small cabinet that is used as a closet. I can see my mom enjoying her days here.

We have been happy with the care at this community for care. The staff are nice and very helpful. She likes to keep activie alot and the staff is doing all they can to help her keep busy in many ways. The community is clean and she does like the menu of meals. We would recommend this community for the care of a loved one.

My aunt's care

I like the care at this community. The care here is very good. they keep me informed on the progress that is being made. The community is clean and we like the atmosphere. The menu is appealing and she likes the nice variety. They offer a good variety of activities that she is enjoying, We would recommend this community for the good care and value that is received to other families.

Loved it. Extremely nice, clean. Well staffed and has a lot to offer. My number one choice at this point.