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Please AUDIT your employees

I would not have this place take care of my dog...After seeing how this place is taking care of a my elderly cousin it's a mess... This company is just taking money from the government.. The workers are coming to work as the feel and doing nothing leavin place unclean and Smelling the urine absolutely nothing is being done. What I hate most of all is that the employer Superior's never come by to visit or check to see what REALLY going on , I guess it's called trusting their worker ...My cousin is and ederly person set in her ways and doesn't want me to report them but it has come to a head the problems with lack of duties has escalated, totally ridiculously out of control..... Out of the 30 weekly hrs given by the State in which southside caregiver suppose to provide with service only an avg of 8hrs weekly hrs are being provided now you tell me if that's not stealing from the state....These people are not throw aways...Please check on your workers...The time sheet that (THEY) sign means nothing bogus...