Southgate At Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury, MA has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Father-in-law is excited about moving in.

My father-in-law just reserved an apartment at Southgate. He loves the fact that there is a lot to do there and that it's right on the bus line, so he can visit his friends in Worcester without having to drive if he doesn’t want to. We visited and had dinner at three retirement communities before he made his decision. All were nice, but Southgate was easily his choice. He can’t wait to move there.

Beautiful community.

I recommend visiting Southgate. My husband and I have visited several communities in Massachusetts and Connecticut over the past two years (Children in both states).We keep a checklist for each place so that we can remember which place offers what. Southgate is at the top of our list. The town of Shrewsbury is quaint and very “New England”. Southgate is beautiful and the people are warm. The place is privately owned and very well managed.

Don't wait!

If you’re interested in Southgate, don’t wait to call for an appointment. We booked a week ahead to visit. We liked the place and the people a lot, and they’re offering financial incentives worth considering. They’re very straightforward. No “wheeling and dealing” or pressure like some of the places we visited.

Two thumbs up

My daughter and I visited and we both give Southgate “two thumbs up”. I lost my wife 2 years ago and this isn’t an easy move for me, but I like Southgate a lot. They have a Men’s Club with a complimentary breakfast every month. I don’t want to spend another winter where I am so I plan to move there as soon as my house sells.

Very grateful for Southgate

My uncle lived at Southgate in Hampton Suites (assisted living) for years and recently passed away at age 94. The staff were outstanding and treated him like family. He was involved in activities daily and thrived these last few years of his life. We miss the place and the people and we will be forever grateful for their care and compassion.

Highly recommend Southgate!

I would recommend Southgate to anyone who asks. My aunt moved to their assisted living over a year ago. The staff are very compassionate and treat her like family. They have a new outdoor patio area to garden and they hold barbeques almost weekly throughout the summer. There is something for her to do every day and night, 7 days a week. I can’t say enough positive things about the care my aunt receives. She’s living the good life!

Comfort and security at Southgate

I moved to Southgate last December before the winter snow storms, thank goodness. The management and staff are very responsive and couldn’t do enough to make us comfortable during the blizzard. I don’t know why I didn’t move sooner. My children are happy I’m here, too.

Top Notch

I’ve researched and visited several communities and Southgate is one of my top choices. Its very contemporary and the people I met were happy and involved in many acitvities. Their Entrance Fees are quite reasonable.

Lovely visit.

My sisters and I visited Southgate with our parents and everyone we met was lovely. We stayed for dinner and residents from the Welcome Committee stopped by our table to introduce themselves. My parents felt very much at home.

Very, very nice place!

We stopped in without an appointment and the staff were very accommodating. We spoke with several residents and they’re very happy with the services and the management. We’ve looked around (eastern and central MA.) and I don’t think any other place can compare to Southgate for the price. It’s a nice place.

Ready to move in!

We had a great tour of the place about a week ago and stayed to have dinner with a few residents. We learned a lot about the place from their perspective. The previous CEO has been gone for over a year now and the residents and staff are very happy. Our dinner was excellent and we stayed for a show in the theater. We loved the place and if we can sell our house, we’re definitely moving there.

Five Stars for Southgate!

My mother is 89 and moved to Hampton Suites assisted living two years ago and she is very happy. Her apartment is larger than anything we saw when we toured other assisted living places. The staff are caring and compassionate. My mother has a memory problem and they have a full activity calendar with activities in the evenings for the residents like my mom who is forgetful. They have nurses on duty most of the time which we like. I highly recommend the place. My mother is very happy and we’re thinking on moving my mother-in-law there.

Happy life at Southgate

I have lived at Southgate for almost five years now and I’m happy here. The CEO left a long time ago and everyone here is happy most of the time. The food is good, my housekeeper gets the cleaning done, and I get to swim every day if I want. What’s not to like? They go out of their way to make us old folk happy.


Do not put someone here that you care about. And do not apply to work here. The CEO is an old school tyrant. If you don't kiss the ground he walks on he fires everyone. So who will learn what your parents like and dislike if you move them in there. The place looks great but is really terrible. Stay far away!!!!