Silver Oaks Health Campus - Columbus, IN

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Customer Reviews

Great activities and care

When my sister and I were looking for a place for our mom, we had heard a lot about this community. We came to visit one time and there was a young woman coming out that had told us she just moved her grandmother in and how great it was. There were a lot of people that were telling us how amazing it was and it’s really lived up to that. It was really important that we find a community that offered more than one type of care because my mom did not want to have to move, and this place offers memory care, assisted living, and adult day care services. The staff is amazing and anytime we’ve had any questions or had any issues, they’ve been wonderful about helping. They give us an assessment each month to let us know how our mom is doing and I really like that. Mom says the food is good and there are plenty of options to choose from. If you don’t like what’s on the menu, they’ll give you the opportunity to get something else and she’s been able to do that a couple of times. Her room is very clean and stays that way and from what I can tell, the trash is done daily but I’m not entirely sure on that. My mom is still fairly active and they have someone that will help her carry her laundry down to the washer and dryer and sometimes even do it for her if she needs them to. They do a little bit of everything when it comes to activities. They’ll take the residents out for rides, play bingo, and a couple of times that I’ve been there on Fridays they’ll have someone doing the ladies’ nails. There was a time that I had gone to visit and everyone had “funny money” for a small auction they were doing and they would have everyone bidding on things. The other residents seem really friendly and welcoming and there are even several people from her previous home that have moved over, so she’s already got some good friends. The staff makes sure she’s taking her meds regularly, they check on her, make sure she’s up and moving around, eating regularly, and I think it’s been good for her. Overall, I would recommend this place.

Nice Community

Silver Oaks Health Campus was a very nice community. The people there were extremely nice. They provided all levels of care there, and they even had Medicaid beds. We choose another community that located closer to our home.