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Customer Reviews

Lookis good on outside but live here for 3 years and see for yourself

How can one not be allowed to be unbiased when we already live in this apartment bldg and it is NOT Senior Assisted. The staff are not people persons do not keep confidentiality amongst their staff. In the last year there has been a huge turnover because people move in-find out the truth about these staff here and find excuses to move out again. The bldg has been is leaking from the top floor to at least the sixth floor for over three years now, and in the kitchen they constantly ( More times than not) have A pipe going from the kitchen ceiling to the kitchen sink---but rather than fix that first, they put in all new carpeting and tiles (which are slippery and an accident waiting to happen) throught out the building... just to make an impression on the staff 's brother who had his wedding events in the building.. .Who wants to live in these conditions?