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Customer Reviews

A big help!

We are very pleased with Senior Assist and would recommend them to anyone looking. The caregiver that comes to our home is reliable and always on time. She helps my wife out so much.

I liked Sheila instantly, and she found the perfect caretaker to provide in home companionship for my Mother. Prior to meeting with Senior Assist/Sheila, I had interviewed 15 individuals/agencies and was becoming frustrated trying to find a quality companion for my Mother. Would highly recommend Senior Assist/ Sheila to find the right individual for your family's needs.

They were amazing.

They were amazing. We used them five of six times, and Labor Day weekend there were a lot of us spending time, and we had called and asked for them to send the girl, and even with it being a holiday, they didn't say no. The owner showed up, she said they had a hard time finding someone so she came and stayed herself. [Removed] was wonderful, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. She was so knowledgeable, and really had so much experience and expertise. She was wonderful, I cannot say enough and have recommended them to probably twenty people so far.

Review of Senior Assist LLC - Ellicott City, MD

The Mon-Fri caregiver for my mom is fantastic. A perfect fit (5 stars) However weekend mornings was not something this provider could deliver. A bit sloppy on their paperwork which combined with not having caregiver for weekend brought them to a 3

Top Notch Service

Management and Staff highly qualified, flexible and deliver great service.

Not very pleased.

Giving this agency three stars would have been generous for my particular situation. The caregivers were nice and did their job the best they could. It was the scheduling that was an issue. On more than one occasion they were a no call no show which isn't acceptable. I'm not sure if it was a geographical issue that caused this dilemma since I know other families that are very happy with the agency. I personally would not recommend them.

did what they could

Mom is 88 and is of the opinion that she needs no help, so she agreed to the in-home care with Senior Assist only to appease me, then she called herself and cancelled. Which I sort of anticipated, but I tried. The aid was very nice and helpful, but my mom was a bit stubborn and would not let her do much. They did what they could.

Pretty Good

They were bathing my dad and checking his wounds. The bathing was not going as well as I would have hoped. Because of the bathing performance and the cost we decided to find help elsewhere.