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Don't go here!

I was in Select for 10 days in May 2017. I was the only ambulatory patient and was on oxygen. I was sent there to be weaned from 12 litres of oxygen per minute to at least 6. That was what I was told anyway.
The nursing staff was mostly friendly but didn't do much for me. Meds. That's about it. The aides did what they could but there were only 2 or 3 to a floor.
Passing out Xanax was indeed encouraged even though I told them I had stopped taking it back in March.
Call buttons went unanswered for extended periods of time. Had to listen to them all day and night.
One of my last days there I kept hearing a man saying "Hello, I need help." I hadn't heard him do that before so I walked to my door to see if anyone was nearby. A nurse, an aide, anyone. There was not one staff person visible on the floor. Not one. And this was mid afternoon! So I called out to him that no one was out there. He proceeded to tell me he was bleeding out. So I yelled down the hall to the nursing station until the charge nurse looked down my way. A bit irritated at that too. I told her the man was bleeding out. She walked down, went into the room and sure enough, the man was literally bleeding to death. See they have us all on blood thinners. And they had removed his IV for transfer to another facility. Only they didn't put a pressure bandage on him. So he just started bleeding and couldn't stop it on his own. Nice huh? I could hear the nurse trying to cover their tails telling him she was glad it wasn't worse and that they caught it when they did.
I just rolled my eyes and went back to my bed. Glad I had been there.
My attending doctor was a bully. Most of the management types and doctors really didn't enjoy having a patient that stood up for herself. The doctor dressed me down about my oxygen and did it in front of my son and grandson. My 2 1/2 year old grandson who is quite busy and talkative who got very quiet, crawled up into a chair and didn't move.
They had been trying to wean me down off the oxygen much too quickly. Tried to go from 9 litres to 4 in a matter of hours. By late afternoon I was gasping and put the oxygen back up to 8. Later on I told the respiratory person she could drop it back to 5 if she wanted to because I was out of distress and in bed so my body would adjust. She chose to leave it at 8. And that was what my doctor literally yelled at me about. Basically said I was lying. Like I wanted to stay longer or some such nonsense.
That was the first of 3 times the man yelled and bullied me. I had wanted to be discharged on a Friday because I had gotten to their so called goal of 6 litres a minute. But some how the doctor had decided it needed to be 4. And since the insurance approved me for three more days he was going to keep me over the weekend. No physical therapy on weekends so I'm not sure how that was going
to work. I voiced that and he proceeded to yell at me again. I couldn't leave AMA because I was worried my insurance wouldn't pay. So nothing changed and I was stuck there 3 more days.
Not a good experience at all. Would never choose to go there again. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.
I liked the physical therapy though. Nice therapists. Positive outlooks.
There are more incidents in my story but so many I fear people would begin to have doubts.

Awful place.

My dad was in select care in mt clemens for about 2 months after having very serious surgery.we chose select for his recovery care and it was probably the worst decision we could've made.they have the most uncaring incompetent staff,the nurses there were awful,its nothing more than a very poorly ran nursing home. Leaving people to sit it there own waste,skipping meds,overmedicating to make thier jobs easier and so many other things.i thank god my dad lived through his stay there but anyone who is put in this place that doesn't have family to advocate for them and be there constantly i wouldn't recommend this place.its a chop shop and should be investigated. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this place..

select care speciality hospital, are very selective of who gets careive

My Mom was there in 2011 for 27 days, I was there with her every day,16 + hours a day, out of fearof what I saw & heard first hand.Not a good experience. It was nothing like they represented. It was awful !! Patients being cared for by people that arent even certified health aids or C.N.C.s. Doctors that PUSH anti-depressants for ALL patients. Tests that weren't done that you are billed for months later. Don't put your loved one there, please. I'll never forgive myself.