San Gabriel Memory Care Godfrey (Opening Early 2019) - Godfrey, IL

San Gabriel Memory Care Godfrey (Opening Early 2019) - Godfrey, IL has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

They only want people that sleep, eat and watch TV.

I am not usually one to write reviews but felt compelled to write this one to save other caregivers from making the same mistake. My husband has dementia and has been in a memory care facility for 1 ½ years. The facility has good people, but I wanted to move my husband to a closer facility. I was driving 24 miles each way and the new facility was only 3.5 miles from my house. I made an appointment at San Gabriel Memory Care in Godfrey to view the new facility and to have my husband evaluated by a nurse. The facility is beautiful, but has breakables, water fountains, a fake fireplace, glass tables with lamps and an open desk area. Anyone that has been around dementia patients would realize breakables and an open office area would not be suitable inside of a memory care unit. I brought my husband to the facility three times and ask several times when a nurse would evaluate him since I was only talking to marketing people and the owner. I explained that my husband is young and very active walking over 10 miles a day and can be aggressive especially when having his pants changed. They were willing to waive the community fee, so I thought I should try it to make it easier on myself since I visit my husband six days a week.
Even with all my reservations and doubts, I moved my husband into San Gabriel Memory Care in Godfrey. But they were clueless! I moved my husband on a Friday and on Saturday at 4 p.m. the owner calls and says, “I'm sorry we are not going to be able to handle him, so he will have to move out by Monday”. The reason she gave was: he can’t be changed by one person. I told her I change him by myself and so do the caregivers at [removed]. Out of the 32 hours he was there, I was there over 19 of them and took him home on that Saturday night. They could not change his pants and the caregiver needed a break from him, even though there were only two other residents. Thank goodness his previous place, [removed], was willing to take him back immediately. San Gabriel knew there would be a transition period and only gave it 1 ½ days before throwing the towel in. Since San Gabriel has three locations I would expect much more professionalism dealing with dementia patients.
I would say that San Gabriel Memory Care could handle early stage dementia patients (most people keep them at home until they cannot handle them) but are not equipped to handle later stage dementia patients.