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About RestUp, LLC - Indianapolis, IN

RestUp is a mobile application and website which serves to bridge the gap in professional caregivers and those families and businesses needing care.

We provide a platform for trusted, convenient, and affordable caregivers to connect families and businesses, on demand. Caregivers can be found through our map feature, which lists nearby available caregivers who are ready and willing to help.

You can send a request for hire to an individual caregiver or to all nearby caregivers. Your care requests are made for individual shifts or what we call “care visits.” For example, for next Monday from 9am to 5pm while you’re at work! Logo

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our careseekers and caregivers.
RestUp maintains $2 million in liability insurance and encourages each caregiver to obtain their own liability insurance as well.

We also perform a background check on every care request submitted and provide rating and feedback for each caregiver and have Facebook and LinkedIn profile integration within our website.

We also have a unique and state-of-the-art caregiver screening process developed by our very own Dr. Patrick Monahan, Ph.D in Educational Measurement, Statistics, and Biostatics.

As part of our attempt to streamline interactions, all payments are handled via the app. This ensures convenience, as well as protection of your financial information. Payments are processed through a service called Stripe, which can easily be linked to the user’s bank account for payment and deposit. Our platform also provides a time-clock that keeps track of working hours.

While we thrive in innovation, RestUp also respects the traditional home health agency model, by allowing agencies to create their own profiles and manage their caregivers via this platform.

RestUp was conceived by its Founder, CEO, and Elder Law Attorney, Clifton A. Dennis, in November of 2015. When volunteering at an AARP event, Cliff wondered if there wasn't a more efficient and cost-effective way to connect caregivers and families. With many people becoming more familiar and comfortable with using technology, Cliff assembled a team to develop an app that would connect caregivers to those families who need assistance with their loved one.