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In-Home Care in Indiana

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Top Cities in Indiana

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Indiana is the 32nd largest state in the US, and it is located in the Midwestern region of the country. It is bordered by the states of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Illinois and has the sixteenth highest population in the United States. Most Midwesterners flee their homes, and go "south" to escape the frigid winters, but for some people that means just moving across Lake Michigan to the state of Indiana. Although the winter can be exceedingly cold, with a large amount of snowfall, it is generally a more pleasant season than those that are found further up North. Indiana offers a huge variety of attractions for retirees from all walks of life.

A Quick Glance at Indiana

There are three main economic sectors than contribute largely towards Indiana's annual GDP. These are manufacturing, agriculture and energy. Manufacturing is the largest stability provider in Indiana's economy. Calumet, which is a town in the northwest of Indiana, is number one in the US for the manufacturing of steel. The other branches that make up part of Indiana's strong manufacturing sector include the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, cars, medical appliances, electrical tools, rubber, factory machinery and various energy outputs. The Indianapolis airport makes Indiana an easy state to get into and out off, and its accessibility is only increased by the intersection of the major U.S Highway Interstate 64 and many other huge US highways. The state has 3 ports that enable easy import and export, as well as an intricate and vast rail system that improves transportation options for people and goods alike.

Not only does Indiana have a strong economy but the cost of living is favorable in most areas too. The average cost of living in the state is 10.7% lower than the national average in the United States, and the median home is priced as low as $111,400. The income tax in Indiana is particularly low sitting at just 3.4% it sits well below the national average, this means that Indiana is a place to settle that will be easy on the retirement nest egg, as well as any supplementary income.

Senior Living Communities in Indiana

There is a vast variety in the senior living communities throughout the state of Illinois, and these vary not just according to area but also to individual needs. There are communities that are dedicated to independent living, and encourage the more active and physically fit retirees to settle down in them. There are also full-care or assisted living facilities that will take in and look after golden agers who may require a higher level of care than others. If a small college centered town is your idea of a great retirement area, then Bloomington is great choice for you. The town is centered around the Indiana University, and thus offers a huge array of cultural, sporting, outdoor and art focused attractions for its residents. Columbus is a town steeped in architectural wonder, and over 70 of the buildings were built by world-renowned architects. Evansville is another place that is ever popular with retirees, and it offers a warmer climate, as well as its own zoo, botanical gardens and several art and history museums. It is the perfect place for the culture and nature lovers alike as its art and culture scene is only balanced out by the "River Lifestyle" experienced by the residents here.

Indiana's Medical Facilities

Indiana has over 170 hospitals, and this ensures that if retirees or loved ones have any medical problems, that there are a vast array of options available to choose from. Some of the best hospitals in the region include the IU Health Academic Center, St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center, Franciscan St. Francis Health Center, the IU Health West Hospital and the St. Mary's Medical Center. While there are only 215 doctors to every 100,00 residents, which is below the national average, Indiana still boasts one of the best health structures in the whole of the United States.

Indiana is often overlooked when retirees are considering a place to settle, which is unfortunate because it offers a unique mix of outdoor activities, historical monuments, art and entertainment value, as well as the choice between the exciting big city life and small town relaxation. There is something for absolutely everyone in this state, and the low cost of living and the high standards of medical care make it one of the most ideal places to retire.