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Not a place for humans or my [Removed]

NOT a nursing facility. They accepted my husband knowing he could NOT walk alone. Alarm clamped to his chair and pjs didn't hold. Response time too late - husband fell twice - second time 9 stitches at John Peter Smith. They don't care. Gentleman in next bed had broken hip - 2 young PT came in and was turning him over and one asked the other "what is he in here for?" I spoke up and said "broken hip". They both looked surprise.
We have a friend's who father is there now (1-11-17) oh how I wish they would get him out of there.

Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth

Remarkable Healthcare of Fort Worth is a Nightmare!!! Extremely Poor Nursing Staff led by an Extremely Sarcastic,Incompetent & Extremely Rude D.O.N. [name removed], LVN.I have waited especially on weekends until 10 am - 1030 am for morning medication, the CNA'S are rude, disrespectful, and are not very ambitious.The bottom line if you have a loved one, please don't come to this "Nightmare" on N.Riverside Drive.Please, find another Facility!!$


Very unfriendly staff, unorganized, they're supposed to have weekly family meetings but they don't, we never knew what was going on, it's like a ghost town on the weekends you hardly ever see the staff, they don't care. Please don't go here.