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Customer Reviews

Horrible administration and care

Thankfully there is a site like this that we can put our review in.
The facility is beautiful and housekeeping is exceptional. BUT do not let that be our decision maker as this is not what provides the care.

My mother lived in the skilled nursing and every day was a new issue to deal with. The laziness of the staff is obvious. Get off the elevator early am or late evening and the staff is sitting around on their phones while call lights flash. No one moves until they see you.
Meds are not always given correctly or timely. And often your pharmacy bill shows charges for meds not administered...
Call lights are handled by staff coming into the rooms turning off the lights and saying they are busy and will be back soon... never to return.
You move in there walking, they place you in a wheelchair and diapers as it is easier for them and that is when your quality of life and self respect disappear.
The worst is the administration. From the executives down the only thing they care about is beds filled costs down. Administration receives bonuses based on that not on providing good care.
The administation has an excuse for everything, from kitchen workers [removed].
Bringing in the police helped but what a shame to have to deal with that at all.
Nursing supervisors are incapable of providing care in an emergency and staffing on weekends is minimal.
They have an extremely high turnover rate. They would rather lose a good employee who is leaving to make 25 cents more an hour down the street than pay to keep good employees.
The CNA's are so poorly paid that you often over hear comments from them resentful of the amount of money these residents are paying in relation to what they are being paid.
The main dining room is beautiful and the food is wonderful but the skilled nursing residents are not allowed to dine there at holiday time because the independent residents do not want to look at those with disabilities. This discrimination is allowed by the administration. Hard to believe and so emotional for those residents forbidden to dine there.
PLease look beyond the interior decorating... that is all you get there on a positive note.

Very Nice and VERY Expensive

It's just outside of Pittsburgh. The have a little bus that will pick you up and take you around to where you need to go but it was well over $6000 to $7000 a month for independent living! I don't think so! Everybody's different but I mean, I couldn't live there and my mom would probably only be able to stay for year and then she's have to find something else. It's very nice but they didn't have any rooms available anyway.