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Precious Love Adult Assisted Living Facility

We moved my loved one here because it was one of the only places willing to care for them despite their illness. However, I would not recommend this place to others. I feel that they are charging way too much money for the care they provide, I don't feel that the residents are being engaged well with activities or socialization, and they are not providing complete and nutritious meals. I'm concerned that they are not offering enough care for their residents, so I am sorry to say I cannot give a positive review.

Be Warned

I am Sorry to write this review for Precious Love…
When we placed our Mom in this care Facility we were assured the residents would be "like Family". In the beginning the Care and attention "appeared" good. Because we were not there 24/7 we would hold close the Nice words and reports about the Care our Mom was receiving. Unfortunately our Mother fell and broke her hip. This went unattended for a Very long time. When asked about the fall we were told many times "there was no fall"- She "slid" they would say and now it is to us obvious they were trying to avoid
a bad report about their Facility. Also, I will say my Mom was a strong individual. She asked for what she wanted and was not easily deterred. We were told there would be no behavior that would warrant her having to leave. When her behavior was not easily tended to we were told she would have to leave. We brought in additional Care from outside
resources to try and help our Mom. We were told by the helping Nurse, [Removed] the Administrator had asked for medication to calm our Mom down. This was against everything we had shared with [Removed] we wanted for our Mom. Then [Removed] demanded we fire the Nurse because she was not telling the truth. So it became about [Removed] and NOT better Care for our Mom.
The help on site Is WAY over worked!
I have written several times to [Removed] @ Precious Love asking for some refund of money since my Mom did not stay in her Facility the last month of her life. (Which we paid for)- I have heard nothing from [Removed]. If this is how Family is treated please be warned it may not be the Family you want your Loved one a part of.

dont come here if you have a choice.

Precious love only cares about the money if you care about your loved one avoid taking them to this place they would be better off in the care of Dr. Kevorkian. This place wants to be paid and then they want the family to stay away and leave them to do whatever it is they want to do. Another problem is there seems to be a bit of a language barrier making communication with people working at the facility very difficult.