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Customer Reviews

Think twice

I am amazed that the caretakers wouldn't listen to my family member when he said he did not feel good, they thought he was a hypochondriac. He ended up in the hospital just a few days after we picked him up to return home and is still there. I would think twice before considering this facility!
I also want to say that when they are at full capacity, ten guest, there is not enough room to move around, there is nothing but a television to watch for entertainment and not enough restrooms for all to use so they use porta potties in their rooms, which for fall risk people could be dangerous. I would also say that if your loved one complains about something, it does not set well with the care people, so if your family member is a robot, they will be welcomed with open arms.

I am very disappointed with this facility.

Pleasant Home care is just that, a pleasant home care!

My husband and I visited this home for several hours today and thought it was a lovely country environment! We conversed with the residents out on the porch which was furnished with comfortable chairs and flower pots. They all seemed to be very happy. It was really like a comfortable home environment. The cats and dogs appeared to love the residents and the residents loved them. Their rooms were clean, as well as the rest of the building but not hospital sterile. The owners are loving and kind Christian people who appeared to love their family very much. They have church services as well as other activities. We liked it there and it was not a jail, by no means!

Want to be in Jail

My friend is staying there, complements of her daughter who has full power of attorney. They might as well be in jail. [removed] They do yell at the people. They are 7 day Adventist and do not serve meat, They can have no cell phones, no tv in their rooms, and no computers or ipads. My friend was taped or needed to sit with the caretaker while she made or received any telephone calls. ie luncheon date. The caretakers then contacted the daughter and then the "D" phoned the people that wanted to take their friend out to lunch and told them, they could not take her There is 2 community TV's. at the site, When I was there showing a quilt to the group, I had to play 2nd to ball games that were constantly on the TV, I was told this goes on all the time. I don't think 8 women all love sports on TV. There is no activities for them, They are all alone in the hills, There is no taking them to town for outings, no Crafts, If your loved one is not completely incapacitated, do Not and I stress DO NOT, let them stay at this home, [removed]


The caregivers were yelling at my mom at stuff like that. They don't do that where she is now. Pleasant Care Home has a sterling reputation up there among the hospital people and I don't know why because it's horrible. I think the reason my mother has ulcers is because of them. The folks were telling her that she wasn't eating enough fresh food. They fed her so many vegetables and so much fruit that I think it was too much roughage for her. They would tell her things like if you had been eating right 30 or 40 years ago then you wouldn't be in the condition you are now. That is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard to tell someone!