Palm House Retirement Apt - Fort Worth, TX

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Customer Reviews

a happy resident.

I've lived here five years and enjoy it very much. The people are friendly and for the most part caring and helpful. There's enough activities to keep you busy but not so many you get overwhelmed. Of course there are bigger places but you usually end up paying for things you never use. There are a few things that could be improved on but that's the way it is everywhere, isn't it?


I moved into the Palm House expecting a quaint senior living facility where everyone was still at least somewhat upbeat and happy; I was mistaken. After living there for a couple weeks it was feeling more and more like a nursing home, not the independent facility i was hoping for. When I did my first walk through upon moving in, the apartment was disgusting; the cabinets sticky, the stove and dishwasher caked with food, and an overwhelming odor left behind from the cheap paint they used that was still there every time you walked through the door when i moved out five months later. The only lights in the apartment are in the kitchen, entrance way, bathroom and dining room. The only light to the bedroom is whatever gets in through the window, and the apartment is so small that there's hardly room for lamps. The only saving graces to the living space is the large pantry and double closets. Onto the staff at this facility, the maintenance man is rude and upon moving out had failed to fix anything on any of the number of work orders I sent in, and the man under him that helps out did even less, unless shamelessly flirting and hitting on female residents count. The apartment manager is among one of the rudest, money grubbing people I have ever met, I worked very hard to make my apartment spotless, in far better condition than what i entered it, and she refused to give back the deposit, as previously discussed because of spots on the carpet that were addressed previously in my initial walk through, she was clearly grasping for an excuse, and even charged me an extra $50 for carpet cleaning upon final move out. I highly recommend not moving in at this facility if you can help it, with not only rude staff, but equally rude residents, who don't hesitate to double park, take your laundry out of the machines, and can't even be bothered to say hello in passing, I encourage you to find somewhere else