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Customer Reviews


Very hard for me to give this place even 2 stars. My dad had to go here after leaving Middletown Atrium to recover after a car crash because he wasnt approved for 5th floor rehabilitation. He could not get out of the bed without assistance. They would take forever to help him when he needed to go to the bathroom and then leave the soiled sheets on the bed! Then to make it even worse when he had to go back to the hospital for surgery they just left him in the lobby of the hospital at 530 am! Thank God we had a bad feeling about the whole situation and my husband showed up and got him where he needed to be for surgery...with no help from Otterbien! When dad was told he had to go back there we made arrangements for 24 home care instead thank god!!! I wouldn't let this place take care of any of my family ever again!

Grumpy old men even love this place!

The transfer from the hospital was abrupt so we were happy that there was an opening at Otterbein Middletown. We had no chance to review the facility before hand and we were nervous about what we would find after hearing a few horror stories about bad experiences at other facilities. My family was pleasantly surprised to find a small cottage home community. The doors are secure which was nice feature. Inside we found a large eat in kitchen with plenty of counter space so those who like to congregate in the kitchen feel right at home. There was also a very long table to encourage meals together as well as an inviting gathering space. The home was decorated for Christmas and was cheerful and bright. My very grumpy dad actually smiled when he found that meals are made from scratch right there in the kitchen. They were not serving some premade frozen dinner. On top of that the staff was friendly and made every effort to make my dad and rest of the family feel at home. My dad's only complaint has been that the coffee is decaf and if that is the worst, this place is amazing! They even solved that issue by allowing us to bring in dad's automatic drip coffee maker so he could make his own coffee in the kitchen.

A Big Disappointment

We had high expectations for this facility, but were disappointed. There was little staff supervision here. Very young aides were supposed to do all of the patient care, as well as the cooking, cleaning, laundry, activities, etc. Often, only one aide had to do all of this for 10 residents. Needless to say, much of it did not get get done. I felt sorry for the people there. Their food was awful, their rooms were dirty, they weren't given showers regularly, and they weren't shown much attention. Sad situation.

Samantha Burnett

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. Your comments have been passed on to our administrator who will address them directly. Otterbein Middletown is proud to be a 5 star rated neighborhood and always strives to uphold the highest levels of quality care. Your feedback will be used to help us continue providing the best care possible for our residents. If you would like to talk with our administrator, or have any other questions or comments please reach out to us at [removed].

Review for Otterbein Middletown

Our mother has been at Otterbein Middletown for over three years. Since she is unable to live independently, we can't imagine her being any other place. The entire arrangement is like a family home, including the private bedroom and bath, the central kitchen, dining, and living area, and outdoor patio. Both house and grounds are well-maintained and decorated, with a true neighborhood appearance and feel.
The caregiving ratio is one aid for every five patients, in addition to the nursing, therapy, and maintenance staff, which thus results in a higher quality of care. This also includes the pastor at Otterbein Middletown, who has provided wonderful support.
Our family has become close to many of the staff members and feel like they are family. We have always felt welcome at Otterbein and open to discuss any questions and concerns. The staff has been prompt about notifyng us of any medical issues.
Our mother enjoys the different social activities, which
as family members, we attend whenever possible. We also feel welcome just to eat a meal at the dining table with her. A lot of laughter is shared.
The family agrees that our mom is happier here than any other facility. We are very glad we made this choice. We highly recommend Otterbein Middletown.

My Otterbein experience

When my mom and I arrived at Otterbein we were in an ambulance. There was a team that met us. Mom had fell and broke her hip and was going to the rehab house. I was exhausted and I felt comfortable leaving mom for the first time. I was told instead of a care giver I could be a daughter again. I felt welcome to visit, eat or spend the night with mom. What a blessing! When mom was well enough they worked with me to relocate her across the street to another house. Mom was there about 3 years before she passed. I had quality and quantity time with mom. She was an Alzheimer's patient and she never lost her dignity to this horrific disease. I recommend to everyone that I know to trust Otterbein with their precious loved ones. My prayers were answered and exceeded all my expectations at Otterbein Middletown. Thank you for your gift of time to me with my mom.

The next best thing to home

First let me say that for the person staying away from home in a care facility, it will never be " home" to them. Those days have gone. But it is our job as care givers to find the best place for them in what can possibly be the last chapter of their life. In my personal opinion and experience, Otterbein is the place to be. My mother was there three times for re-hab and the third time turned out to be her last. Their re-hab is excellent and great progress was made with Mom in getting back to where she could go back to her apartment with minimal help. The re-hab staff was great, not only skilled in their profession but patient and encouraging with my Mom. On her third visit for re-hab, Mom became ill and her stay turned into permanent residency. Her care was wonderful, the staff was kind to her and to me and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. I could come into the kitchen and make anything that Mom wanted and even cook a meal for the residents in her house. When it was time for Hospice to step in,I chose to use the Otterbein Hospice and I was very pleased. The transition was easy and the Otterbein staff stayed involved with her care. They cared not only for my Mom but for me and my family and made a very difficult time bearable. Nothing is perfect and if there is one thing that could be improved on it is the food. It is better than most places but I have joked that I was coming up to give cooking lessons. If the resident is able, their activities include trips to restaurants, sports games, etc. and ice cream socials on the campus, along with entertainment that comes in. They have a bible study every week and a music program lead by the pastor on staff. The residents love him and he has a gift with connecting with them. Making the decision to put a loved one in a care facility is not easy. My Mom was in another skilled facility and I constantly worried and was there. But at Otterbein, I knew that she was being cared for. Was she always happy, no, but not because she wasn't getting good care. She just didn't like where she was in life. The staff at Otterbein openly explained to me the normal feelings that our elderly have at that time in their lives and that it is not my fault - they are there to help the family too. Let me say again, that every day was not perfect so please don't expect perfection. But you can expect caring, knowledgeable people willing to care for your loved one and make this time as easy as possible for you and your family.

The Warmth of a Small-House Facility

I first encountered Otterbein-Middletown from the top floor of Atrium Hospital. It appeared to be a beautiful enclave of private houses surrounded by woodlands. That, I thought, was where I wanted my father to go if he ever needed rehabilitation or long-term care.

One year later, after breaking a hip, my father began a nearly four-year odyssey with the excellent staff at Otterbein. He immediately loved the sparkling, clean room which was his alone. The large walk-in shower was a big factor in his adjusting to a home away from home. The staff who helped to care for him became trusted friends; they always had kind and compassionate words, and often hugs, to share. After a day's outing, they welcomed him back as if he were family. Which is how they treated me when I visited. Some employees brought their small children and babies to share with the residents and they, too, became family.

Otterbein-Middletown is a unique environment where a resident can sit reading, watching television or enjoying the view of a garden, along with birds feeding and seasonal flowers, while meals are being prepared within their range of sight.

The entire staff expressed concern and caring on a very personal level, not only to my father but to the many other part- and full-time residents who have shared that beautifully private setting in the woods.

Words from a Grateful Daughter

My mother has been a short term resident at Middletown Otterbein small house community on three separate occasions. When we finally arrived at the cottage for the first time after a serious surgery, it felt like coming home. Mom's post surgery memory lapse returned working with the language pathologist. The entire staff went to extra efforts to get just the equipment she needed. PT and OT had her back on her feet and feeling stronger. But mostly it was the people who made the greatest difference. They valued and loved my mother and you can't fake that. When Mom celebrated her 90th birthday in her own home, several workers at Otterbein came to her party. She has returned to Middletown Otterbein two more times when she needed help. I am so grateful to know that whenever Mom needs a caring place in her future, their smiling faces will be there for her again.


I was there for therapy and it was all good. I made a lot of friends there that I still talk to. I couldn't say anything bad about it. We always had fun around the table. They've got the greatest therapy.

From the Community

An innovative yet practical design combines a home’s warmth and companionship with the skilled clinical nursing care services that long-term care demands. It balances a sense of family with respect for individual privacy.

Each neighborhood is made up of five specially designed one-story houses with 10 private suites. No more than 50 residents in all. That means high staff-to-elder ratios, increased nurse effectiveness, and better quality of life.