North Shore Univ Hosp Stern Family Center for Extended Care & Rehab - Manhasset, NY

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Customer Reviews

Don't choose this rehab

My dad was at this facility and it was an awful experience. Staff was disinterested and spent their time talking to each other instead of tending to the patient. Rooms were dirty and old. Toilets were disgusting. Stayed for one day and that was one day too long.

Gerard Kaiser

Local Representative

We apologize for your experience. Providing quality care and outstanding patient experience is our priority. We would like to discuss your concerns in more detail. Please contact the Administration office at [removed] so that we may address these concerns. Thank you.

The physical therapist, [Removed], and occupational therapist [Removed] were excellent and got my elderly father who had broken a hip walking again. However, the doctor in charge was terrible. He wanted to give up on my dad because of his age. Upon discharge, he was discharged without all his correct medicines which put him in a serious depression.

Gerard Kaiser

Local Representative

We apologize for your experience with the medical services. It is our goal to provide outstanding patient care. If you would like to discuss your concern in more detail, please contact us at [removed].
Thank you.

Unacceptable behavior

Up until the end, I felt Stern was a clean facility with friendly staff. However, when my grandfather had to be rushed to the hospital, the family was NOT notified at all by the charge nurse. He was rushed out so quickly that he was not able to take his things, including his cell phone. Therefore, he was unable to call us. We finally found out FOUR DAYS LATER by a doctor at the hospital. That is completely unacceptable. Our family is extremely displeased.

Gerard Kaiser

Local Representative

I am sorry for your experience. I would like to discuss your concerns in more detail. Please feel free to reach out to my office at [removed] at your convenience.
Thank you.

My positive experience at Stern

I recently spent almost three months at Stern and was very happy with my care. The nurses, CNAs, environmental, laundry room, recreational, PT, OT, finance, admission, and security staff were very knowledgeable and kind to me.
It is never an easy experience to be in need of these kind of services, but I think that the facility and staff were great.
My room and bathroom were clean, the food was OK, the outdoor areas were beautiful, and helped to pass the time.
I met so many wonderful people there and I still keep in touch with them. I had several roommates because I was there so long, and I was well matched with all of them. Sleep can be difficult due to lights and call bells, but my roommates and I used to ask if the door could be pulled closed and the staff always complied with this request. A good sleep mask helps as well. Call bells were answered in appropriate time frames.
The PT and OT staff are my heros and helped me to walk and use my hands again. The gyms are huge, and yes, there may be 50 people in them, but the PT and OT staff can oversee more than one resident at the same time. I felt safe at all times in the gyms. I found the nursing staff to be very friendly and helpful.
An electronic health record is indeed in use at Stern. The nurses use It for medication administration, treatments, and clinical documentation. PT and OT use their own system for clinical documentation.
I am a clinician and can look at and question my medications and treatments. If a resident is not able to do those things, they will need an advocate no matter what type of facility they are in.
This is not an acute care facility. It is a Rehabilitation center. However, no matter what type of facility anyone may unfortunately find themselves in, we must advocate for ourselves or others.
I would highly recommend Stern to anyone in need of Rehabilitation services.

Gerard Kaiser

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind response. We are pleased that your experience at The Stern Family Center for Rehabilitation was a positive one. I will be sure to share your comments with the staff.
Gerard Kaiser
Executive Director

Stay at Your Own Risk

If I could give this facility less than one star, I would, and it would still be overrated; it is riding on its past history, and is numbing to see that Medicare has given it a five star rating. The care my husband received at this facility was negligent, substandard and disgraceful. Patient records are maintained in notebooks (paper) and nothing is automated and/or electronic, which is why medication and medical errors are rampant. The facility is filthy, especially on the weekends and the only time I witnessed any deep cleaning was right before New York State and Medicare came in to undertake an inspection. There was dried urine and feces on my husband’s bathroom floor, and no cleaning staff in the evening (I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning his bathroom and room). The nurses and CNAs do not work together (I witnessed serious discontent and employment problems), and all they care about is when they can take their break. If you need assistance or have an emergency between 7-8 pm, you better have a family member present or you will have to fend for yourself. Medication errors occur frequently; my husband's doctor "forgot" to give him required anti-coagulation medication for several days claiming he confused it with Tylenol, and as a result, my husband developed blood clots in both legs. When I complained to the medical director about the doctor’s negligence, I was told that I should be glad they admitted their mistake. On another day, my husband's medication was given to his roommate. I am thankful my husband survived his stay, and is alive as he could have died from the negligent care he received. The physical therapy and occupational therapy is overrated as it involves a mere 20 to 30 minutes a day (weekdays only) in a crowded room with over 50 people. My spouse’s OT and PT had very bad attitudes and "forgot" to teach him how to climb stairs (they assumed there were none at home) and how to get into an automobile (I had to remind them to train him on these important activities the day before he was discharged. Discharge planning is non-existent (I was handed brochures for nursing aide firms) and was never asked if any medical equipment would be needed at home. Stern is an accident waiting to happen as I witnessed serious medical errors not only committed on my spouse but on other patients. Everyone should stay away from this place as it could put your life at serious risk. There are much better places to go if rehab is needed and Stern should not be considered.

Good care.

Recently my friend who had been critically ill was admitted to Stern Family Rehab for PT/OT and Nursing Care. I was pleased to find the care good and the staff friendly. The facility is clean and the food good. The outdoor space is pleasant and helped pass the time. Therapy was knowledgeable and motivating. She was admitted in ambulatory and left walking. Overall they get a good rating from this Long Term Care Registered Nurse.


We had a similar experience as the woman who posted below when my mother was admitted there last year. First the Doctor who treated my mother had a very heavy accent and was impossible to understand. He did not treat her properly with anticoagulants and my mother ended up back in the hospital with a pulmonary blood clot. The social workers were unkind and not helpful. From the very beginning of her stay they seemed to want to push my mother out of there yet they did not offer the help that she needed to get well. Even my mothers own private doctor was shocked by her treatment there and the attitude of the staff. I've never left a bad review for any service. I never thought it was worth the trouble. However, this is way too serious to walk away from without saying my piece.

This facility is not worth a 1 star rating.

the facility does not care for pts. in a respectful manner. The nurses are impossible to understand as is the doctor whom my mom was assigned. She went in for rehab after being released from a sub-par hospital, LIJ, and after 1 night she started acting a little unusual and the staff complained she was being difficult. It turns out by day 2 she still didn't have any pt or ot, and was growing weak. Since she went in on a Friday evening and they don't do pt or ot on weekend she at this point still hadn't rec'd any pt or ot care. By Monday she was too weak to do pt or ot and was put in a room by herself on suicide watch. Well needless to say by Tuesday, after I had complained on Monday that something was wrong she needed to be sent back to the hospital, the doctor agreed. She called me to say that she was not the pt. who she had admitted on Friday, and she was going to transfer her to north shore manhasset, another joke of a hospital. Needless to say she was transferred with 102 fever, she had pneumonia, which was misdiagnosed at LIJ. So all the time in rehab when they were writing off her behavior to stubborn old woman it was more like very sick person, something this facility forgot was that my mom was a person who had family who cared not just an old person they could abuse. Stay far away from this place it is not what it use to be, shame on all of the employees who work there. I am sure they have billed her medicare and secondary for the lack of care she received and pt and ot she never did receive. Good riddance to this crappy facility.

Gerard Kaiser

Local Representative

We apologize that your stay did not meet your expectations. We would like to discuss your concerns in greater detail. Please contact our administration office at [removed] at your earliest convenience so our patient experience team can investigate these issues. Thank you.

Horrible place!

I don't know how other rehabs are but this one was horrible. My husband 51 had injured and needed close care for his wounds and his new condition. The staff were care more of their needs than the patients' need. The hallway and some rooms were stinks. They made my husband stay for longer than his medical needs. They were neglected to check with the insurance and therefore charged us for his stay!!! Please be aware!!! We couldn't wait for him to leave that nasty place anyway. I wished we knew that he could leave earlier. This is a deception!

my mother was put there after being i...

my mother was put there after being in the trauma unit at North Shore Hospital with broken arm, nerve damage and a fractured neck.... they didnt get her out of the wheelchair enough , but the OT was great...he actually called me to tell me she needed outside dr appt. to be made which they handled since the Hospital never had a neurologist see her.. If it wasnt for him probably would not have know the extent of her injury. I felt the staff went over and beyond what their job was for my mom. The social worker was very helpful when she needed her to be transfered also

Beware of care!

Been here since Saturday. Came be transport. They forgot I was here. No orientation. Dr. finally came. CNA put me in a wheelchair & assumed I knew how to use it. Still haven't been shown. Dr. ordered wrong dosages. No one until last night told me what I was being given. Been in afib 2 days because of wrong dosage which still hasn't been corrected. (Dr. has yet to evaluate.) Apparently no one monitors readings. Housekeeping of bathroom is negligible -- has smelled like a urinal for a day & gauze on floor for 2 days. Still haven't heard from Dr. Arif. Can't wait to see if I'm still alive for day 6. On the positive side, PT & OT staff are great & that's why I'm here.

Stay Away

My mother checked in recently. Upon check in, we quickly found out through our own diligence they had the wrong meds listed for her and were missing the most vital med of all. We know the hospital sent over the right list of meds because we had the same copy that was sent to Stern Rehab. We quickly corrected the nurse. Today they told her she had a Doctors appointment at the hospital and transportation would be coming for her. When we asked which Doctor,we were given a name of a doctor we didn't know and had never seen my mother. Turns out they had the wrong Doctor listed. Shes supposed to see her cardiologist,they were sending her to see a Neurosurgeon. That's Great! Also,how do you let the Aid collect the water pitchers on a cart,refill them, and deliver to any room again. Without a room number on the pitcher. Do you have an infectious Disease Department? Bottom Line, If your not there watching out for your family or yourself,you could come out worse then when you went in.


We chose Stern based on reviews and recommendations because we thought my dad would be in good hands - he had stayed at another rehab prior and it was a horrible experience. Stern wasn't all that great either. The nursing staff was subpar - they did the bare minimum and just yes'd my dad, but never followed thru unless I was there. Seems that if the family members are present and involved, then they act - otherwise they don't. Makes me feel bad for anyone there who doesn't have a family to stick up for them. The physical therapy portion was good, it did help him somewhat. Dr. Bashari, who was in charge of his care, only came to see him once during the two weeks my dad stayed there. Bashari misdiagnosed his pneumonia, which he contracted while in Stern. On top of the pneumonia, he also contracted MRSA, ended up having to be admitted to North Shore University Hospital, where he died a few days later. I firmly believe had it not been for the pneumonia and MRSA he contracted at Stern, he would still be here today. Apparently to enter these places for care and to get well also means you are putting your life in their hands. Beware.

Wonderful hospice care

Not until someone from a critical care section in North Shore, a younger guy, and I started talking that he suggest we talk to a different group at the hospital and it was not til then that we truly knew my mothers condition, it was just snowballing and I think that the cardiologist should have been up front about her condition. Thankfully, we got her home so she could die around her family, if they had told us sooner she could have had more quality days at home.
The hospice through the hospital was excellent, they were so good, we were told the time was a few weeks to a few months and it happened to only be a few days. But they were right there, they were very helpful and sending in the necessary supplies and medication. They were right there on the phone helping us.