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Customer Reviews

My mom is there she gets the best care ever. It's all about them been loved and happy.
I would recommend it 10 times over. ❤️❤️❤️

Great place

My has has been here for over a year i my mom is so happy here she feels at home..She gets home cooked meals i go there once a week have dinner with her food is delicious her hair gets cut once a month at the home as well as her nails and pedicures .Place is spotless. .And also they have game nights and activities even yoga.
If you take time out and ask tour loved ones about what they ate and how good it was or whay activities they did they will tell you..Family members that don't care and all they do is complain how expensive it is well keep them home you obviously couldn't take care of them people all I'm saying is love your parents tou to will get old..My mom and i love Tommy the owner ..

Best of the South West

Very nice people. They go out of their way for you and make you feel at home. They even bought the nicest ballons for my moms birthday and made delicious cake. Yumm...

False Advertisement

What the staff at Nicaj Manor says they provide is really not actually what they provide at all. It is all just really false. Right now we are working to get our loved one moved out of that place immediately.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank You for your review. Based on your statements the information you are providing is False. We have No record of any resident being moved. Honestly, we love what we do and our upmost goal is to ensure that the care we provide is of the highest quality. We have poured endless hours of sweat, bood and tears into our care home striving to make everyone happy, we would never jeopardize something we are so proud of! We treat every person who comes to our home with great dignity, and respect. All the residents currently under our care are very satisfied and happy with the care they are receiving. I can guarantee this because we strive to have good relationships with all family members. We always ask our families to speak to us if they feel something is not being done correctly. Since your review is anonymous I have personally asked all family members if they are in any way dissatisfied with the services provided. I can assure every family at our home is very happy with the care we provide. Thank You.

G R E A T !

Overall I think they do an excellent job! They are absolutely the best! All their attention is focused on keeping their residents safe and happy. My dad is so happy here. Our biggest concern was the nightime care, my dad gets up quite a few times to use the restroom and they were the ONLY ones that have fully awake staff at night. We are very pleased!

Very Pleased, Mom loves it there

My mom and the family are very pleased with everything. Mom loves the food, and the service she gets here. The facility is beautiful and always clean.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank You!


My husband was there only one night, I had to go get him because he wet the bed and they charged me $500 to clean the bedding. They told me they were able to take care of someone with Alzheimer's. Obviously, they were not. Besides that, they charged me a$2000 deposit and I found out it was the fee THEY had to pay for the agency that gave me their information. If you love your family member, DO NOT TAKE THEM THERE!!!

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Hello and Thank You for your review Mrs. Johnson.

I have investigated your concerns and I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding. A few of the points you mentioned are not consistent with state patient care guidelines regarding assisted living facilities. Your husbands level of care far exceeded state regulations in regards to the level of care our facility is legally able to provide. Therefore we were forced to terminate our agreement. Being unmedicated hindered our ability to provide the proper care. Please know that we do not charge any cleaning fees, we completely understand accidents happen and they happen very often. Our facility is always staffed with 2 certified caregivers. In your husbands situation we had to hire an additional caregiver based on his high level of care. Thus your only charge was for a certified caregiver ($21.00 per hour for 24hrs) The caregiver stayed by your husband's side every second he remained at the facility to ensure his safety. If you recall apart from his condition he arrived with a severe wound from a fall he recently had at another facility. It was a challenge to prevent him from further injuring himself based on his current unmedicated condition. To my knowledge most Assisted Living Facilities charge a 100% refundable deposit, this is to protect the facility against termination of the agreement without notice and unusual damage the resident may have caused to the facility. In your situation the full deposit was refunded.

I apologize again for any inconvenience you had, since this incident we NO longer work with a place for mom (referral agency.) If we had the correct patient information, diagnosis and medication this could have been prevented.



This place feels like " Home" to my mother.

I have toured about 10 care homes in the area. No other home compares to nicaj manor. This place is spotless clean, it feels like "home" and the residents look very happy. My mother loved it. We are waiting for an available room at this home. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank You for your amazing review! We greatly enjoy serving you and your family.

They Treated me & my sister like part of their Family.

The owners were always supportive and helpful. My sister had so much happiness and peace while she was here. I will be forever grateful. Thank You.

Very Nice home, Excellent Care!

I have been visiting my mother for the last 8 months that she has been at nicaj manor. It is always extremely clean and the home has a very home like feeling. My sister found them thru hospice of the valley, they highly recommend them! This was the only place they advised us to go to. So of course we trusted them. We waited about 3 weeks to get in, they are always full! but we are happy they saved our place in line. We are impressed with their service, my mother has been very happy the entire time and continues to be, every time I leave the facility I leave feeling assured that my mother is in great hands. I read a bad review about them on this page and all I can say is that there has not been 1 single time where my mother or my entire family has been disappointed. They do a great job, I can see they love what they do. Beware of reviews associated with a place for mom, I have done some research, reviews are very bias and the company bullies people around. Google it, this is the same company as a place for mom, the only way these comments get "reviewed" is if you go through a place for mom and for that the facility pays them a hefty percentage of the monthly rent. I am an attorney and I will keep updating any case information on the sites that review and

Great Memories at Nicaj manor!

My Husband lived here for the last four months of his life, it was very difficult to find the right place for him since he was coming from hospice, his condition was not good, however Nicaj manor took him in and ever since the first day they truly helped my family and husband so very much. I am so grateful. My husband was not expected to live for much longer and after a few weeks of him being here the nurses and doctors coming over to treat him were astonished at how well he was doing here. They said his condition was a direct reflection on the good care he was receiving. He was also very picky about the foods he was eating at this point but Yveth did everything she could to make whatever he requested at the time! They genuinely CARE! When were not at the facility my husband would get very lonely so Yveth or Tom would stay by his side and sometimes even sleep right next to him since his anxiety was so high if he was alone. I have nothing but great memories of Nicaj manor, and I am very happy my husband was here during his last days, in a peaceful, loving environment, surrounded by good hearted people.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank You Laura! It was a pleasure serving you and your family.


We are so happy to have found this amazing care home. Both my mother and father were under Ivette and Tommy's care, My mother continues to live there, it has been a little over a year now and all my brothers and I can say is that there can't be a better place! They are just amazing and their care is above and beyond our expectations! My mom has never looked as well as she does now, cognitively she has almost completely recovered and she is now the person we all remembered. I know Tommy mentioned she was mis medicated and they have helped us and her doctors medicate her correctly. Also her posture has improved greatly, she is walking a lot better than she used to but most importantly they make sure she is happy. Ivette even does her hair and makeup every single day!!! Every time we visit her she always has a smile on her face.

Look can be very deceiving!!!

Look can be very deceiving!!!!
At first our family though this place was really clean and nice and very home feel to it for our dad!! He had a hypertension and had a five stroke. After long harsh search for long-term care place for him my mother love this place and so did I. They told us after evaluating him at the hospital with the care that he need the monthly fee would $3,000. At that point he was in a wheelchair he couldn't really support himself up or able to walk by himself. The guy named Tommy and his girlfriend is running this place. They do not have 24 hour nursing staff or I have never seen them done yoga and never had someone to do a Medicare and haircut. My mother had to trim his toenails and nails and I'm the one that gave my dad the haircut. And with the person who have high blood pressure they never took his blood pressure!!! My mother and I we just assume because his hypertension they were taking his blood pressure everyday. And they ask my mother and I could pay them $1500 fee for using place for mom service!! And after month and half because they have to take blood pressure every day they want to add another $500 fee!!! I called the place for mom place service and I asked them do I have to pay them $1500 fee and they say no we don't have to pay them for the service. Why why why???? We felt that he was would be better at home so we brought him home right away. It is really hard to find good place for your mom or dad when they need assistance 24 hour. Maybe I can tell you through our experience it may be hard for everyone but the best care that you can give to your parents is your own place!!! Now he's blood pressure is really good and he's doing really well at home and by the way also they forgot to give him his blood pressure medicine the afternoon pill.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank you for your review Mrs Jenny.

It was a pleasure working with the resident and the residents family. The time your friend (father) was at our facility we never received one single complaint. In fact we received many compliments from his wife and daughter. Your comments are surprising. I must inform you that at the time the resident was at our facility his family and the resident himself specifically requested that we do NOT disclose any medical information to you since you were not a related family member. Since you were not informed from the family members we are unable to verify any specific concerns. Because you were not fully informed of the situation we completely understand any confusion this might have caused you.

However we can verify that we do provide 24/7 nursing services.
We offer many different activities and exercises. The residents have the right to refuse any activities.
I do wish to inform you that we keep patient records for a total of 6 years.
- Blood pressures and medications are measured and given daily per physician orders by a trained and state certified caregiver.
- The fees are solely based on level of care.
- We do NOT charge any fees for referral agencies.
- We do charge a fully refundable deposit. This is clearly stated in all residency agreements.
- We do not do "a Medicare" the reason being is because (Medicare) is a federal health insurance program.

- I can personally state that the residents nails were trimmed several times during his stay because I was the one trimming his nails. Several hair cut and exercise activity refusals were signed by the resident.

We keep a very detailed log of all resident and family activity and there is a zero tolerance policy for verbal abuse and harassment toward staff and other residents residing at the facility. We can disclose that the day of his discharge, you were harassing and continuously trying to follow a female resident into her bedroom and into the restroom which caused her distress. At the residents family request we filed a police report with the city of phoenix.

I apologize for any misunderstandings you could've had. If you have any other questions we would be more than happy to review your concern with a written consent form from the residents spouse or resident.




Just wanted to share an amazing experience with the NICAJ MANOR.

Loved everything about the house the rooms great employees...they truly take good care of my dad he is very happy there and I hope I can pass this on to make someone's life as happy as my father is!

Thank you. Nicaj Manor.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank You Lee!

Extremely pleased with the service provided at Nicaj Manor!!!!!

After looking around for months I realized it was very difficult to trust someone to care for my mom, I went from place to place looking I finally found Nicaj Manor! As soon as I walked in I felt so welcomed, the owners were there to greet me and answered every question on my list! Everything felt RIGHT! They gave me a tour of the house and all I can say is that it is breathtaking! Extremely clean and organized! I feel that they have become part of my family! I visit all the time and always feel very happy to have my mother here. It is very touching to see how caring they are. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a genuine caring home.

Tommy Nicaj

Local Representative

Thank You Kathy!