Mount St Joseph Nursing Home - Waterville, ME

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Customer Reviews

Fair Treatment with a Fair Value

Mount Saint Joseph Residence & Rehabilitation at 7 Highwood St, Waterville, ME 04901 has friendly staff. The nursing staff are respectful and strive to treat their patients with dignity.
Unfortunately, the are two areas that are lacking when dealing with their patients lifestyles.

The first is the kitchen. Their food can be considered mediocre, at best. They do not have anything that sticks out as good. Nutritional information is hard to get from the kitchen. As a diabetic, I found this particularly troublesome.

The other area of concern is in regards to personal property. A friend of mine brought over my flat panel TV and surround sound bar, one weekend. That Monday, I was informed that I could not use my TV because they provide a 20" TV for me to watch. Considering my bed is 10 Feet away from that TV, seeing the screen is problematic.
Their justification was the following:
1) They did not want to be liable for any damage that occurs to my 32" Seiki.

2) According to one of the hospital's administrators, "You are on a short term Rehab unit, so you do not get the privilege have my own TV, even though many residents in their residential facility do have the right to have that. "

All in all, your relatives will be well cared for while they stay here. There is good staff to client ratio. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Your loved ones will be well cared for.