Mitchell House - Spruce Pine, NC

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Customer Reviews

Everyday is a Better Day

The facility couldn't be better for my Mom. It is clean and is run very well. The staff members are so concerned about my Mom's well-being. The staff has a schedule and Mom is still trying to make the rules. Mom seems to do much better when I'm not there. I have been there when she does not know I'm there yet and have seen her interacting with other residents enjoying herself. I've hired a caregiver to help her adjust and get a little extra help acclimating, help get her dressed and ready for the day. The staff is as accommodating as they can be with her while she is settling in. She is sometimes a handful and would prefer to have someone wait on her all the time. She is making friends and settling in. There are no complaints about the food. I've seen Mom sitting and talking with friends enjoying her meals. Activities are available if the residents want to participate. They offer physical therapy, Mom is not ready to get involved in those type of activities at this time. My Mom's room is very nice. It is a nice environment for her, there was one day I was so surprised to see her actually sitting outside on the porch talking with the staff. I would most definitely recommend the Mitchell House to my friends and family.