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Customer Reviews

Both the good and the bad

After hearing good things about the rehab center, I decided to go there. MISTAKE! The care from the therapists--with the exception of my first one--was better than I expected. Unfortunately, the care from most of the nursing staff was unbelievablely poor. I was made to sit in a wheelchair for the first 3 hours when being checked in by a non-English speaking LPN who then lied to the nursing supervisor. Then the last one I had made me bend forward and forced me to do so with a hand on my back because there "wasn't enough time to lower my chair". After that episode I told her I had back surgery and shouldn't bend. She repeated "back surgery?" several times. Shouldn't an RN know why the patient is in the facility so they know the restrictions?? Blessing to those wonderful people that I did encounter.

Huge disappointment

Overall, my mother's care is good during daytime hours, but the night time staff is a huge concern for my family. I feel some of the workers are pure lazy and are just putting in their time. My mother is handicapped and lives in the assisted living side. She needs help using the bathroom during the night. She feels like she is an inconvenience to the staff. And one woman is aggressive and is rude. No justification for their staff acting this way. And their food is one step up from prison food. For their state rating being so high, I would never recommend this place to anyone.

Positive things is that there is a lot of activities for them to do. Manicures are done by the staff. And an attached chapel.

I would not reccommend them.

I was appalled, [removed]. They never gave her medication on time and sometimes not at all, and one time they took her off one by mistake. There were a few good caregivers there but, the quality of care was not good at all. I would not reccommend them.

Good Care, Very Accommodating

The care was really good. They did a very nice job and my mother can be a little difficult sometime but they were really good. I can't really say anything bad about them. The only thing that happened was when my mom was discharged I had requested a copy of all her records and the social worker - she's really young and very new and I don't think she was prepared for my mom - she did her best and she said I was going to get a copy but then never sent it to me. Eventually they sent them to me so that turned out okay. Overall, they did a nice job and actually gave my mom a private room with out charging her more. They were very accommodating.

Slow response times

I personally wasn't happy with the people resonding to when you'd call for help, it would take them too long to get there. I rememebr one time she was calling me and saying how sick she was and how she kept pushing the button and no one was came so I called the nurse and had to tell them to get somebody over there. It was things like that that were happening, but it was clean, there were no funny odors, it was a comfortable temperature and the food was really good, she really liked the food here.

From the Community

Minnesota Masonic Home provides compassionate, quality care and services to aging adults, guided by the principles of our Masonic founders and informed by best practices in healthcare and the collective experience of nearly a century of service. Our campus is located just south of Minneapolis on the banks of the Minnesota River.