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Highly recommend

Highly recommended! My mom recieved excellent care while there for Rehab!!!!


Patient care is the number one focus, nursing, therapy, activities, dietary and even house keeping. They are all phenomenal. I have never seen so many employees that genuinely care about everyone and provide amazing patient care and customer service. There is new ownership in place as of last summer, which was a very positive change. They're a small locally owned company that was built on morals and ethics, and prides themselves on patient care. I would highly recommend this facility whether you're looking for short term rehab or long term care. Take a tour and meet the staff, you will be impressed.

There were a few issues

The only issue I had was that they weren't supervised during the meal, and in the dining room my loved one fell out of her chair, and all progress she had made was back down to zero. Then they said that since she wasn't improving and she would have to move, with no consideration to the additional injury. They didn't do some things like keeping her hand in the sling so her fingers didn't curl up, and little things that we didn't even notice at first.

My loved one has been here less than ...

My loved one has been here less than 24 hours and we are HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED. Will update the review if things change.

Excellent rehab, amazing improvement

They are wonderful. The progress that they made with mom after her stroke, from her condition when she went in there to when she was released was amazing. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech...the whole 9 yards, it was kind of taxing on her but they pushed her as much as they felt she oculd stand. I think she was there for the maximum amount of time medicare paid and towards the end they had her standing and they were trying to get her to the point of using a walker again, but she couldn't really support herself. I could not tell you how much improvement they made. Everything was always clean, the food... at first they put her on a pureed diet and through working with the speech and occupational therapy there they were able to upgrade her to mechanical soft (which we were happy with) and by the time she left she was on normal liquids and normal foods, she eats everything she wants.

From the Community

Matlock Place, conveniently located near major medical centers in Arlington, Texas offers a wide range of services including extensive short term rehabilitation therapies for those recovering from hip, knee or cardiac surgeries, strokes, wound care or other injuries and illnesses, medically complex care, traditional nursing care and respite services…all in an environment that is warm, welcoming and nurturing.