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great p.t. / lousy food

great rehab program , average care, some employees are indifferent. absolutely mediocre food. dietary dept. must be from another planet. they do what they want, including forgetting dietary requirements. i was here in rehab for a week. never again.

Wonderful Experience

Wonderful Experience


My mom was in Manorcare Whitehall in March of 2016, for a fractured foot. Which she had a walking boot on, I informed the doctor of how thin skined my mother was. She just doesn't bruise easily but she also gets cuts easily by bumping herself on things.

2 weeks later she had a fever they thought she had the influenza for 2 days. Then they sent her to Mercy to the emergency room. When they took the walking boot off she had a wound on her foot and the bone was showing. She was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, which is an infection of the bone. The next day she had surgery to clean it out. She was in a lot of pain, she had to have a nerve block for 3 days. Then on Monday she had another surgery to clean out the wound. Again she was in a lot of pain that she needed another nerve block for 3 days.

If I could minus stars on how they took care of my mother, I would. When I went to visit her, she was so doped up on pain meds that she didn't know what was going on. I couldn't even call her on the phone she was so out of it. I hate to see my mother in pain but that was ridiculous.

Awful awful awful experience

My 80 year old grandmother was placed here after a traumatic brain injury to do rehab. Rehab and OT were very nice. The nurses are very rude and lack compassion in any aspect of their job. My grandmother fell 3 times while in this facility and the nursing staff all had different numbers (they all had different stories-something doesn't add up). After her last fall, her neuro exam was conducted by a PODIATRIST!!! (Any person in their right mind knows a podiatrist is a FOOT doctor). So you're telling me a podiatrist is qualified to do a neuro exam on a patient who is recovering from a brain injury? On her very last day there one of the male nurses told us that my grandmother was "too much to take care of" (gee thanks, that's really big of you as her nurse). To top off everything else, her wedding ring went missing the same day we asked them to call an ambulance due to a severe decrease in her mental status. Now you tell me if you would even want your dog to go here.

do NOT place your love one here

On November 3, 2014 my 87 year old mother had a compound fracture to her ankle where the bone was exposed out of the skin. After surgery we had to find a rehabilitation facility for her. We decided Whitehall Manor Care and that was the biggest mistake are family made for are mother. She was there for three months and in that time she had C-diff,UTI and sinus infection. When she call for nurse and aid most of the time it took over a half hour or more to respond. The staff is not trained and most of the aids did not care. It took seven days for Manor Care to test my mother for C-diff after my persistence of asking them to do something for my mother with her diarrhea. After two days when the results to came back they started treating her for C-diff. They put my mother in room by herself because C-diff highly contagious. I watched the staff many times not follow proper procedures for somebody that has C-diff. I watched a nurse go in to my mother room with out wearing gloves or any protection. then went back out to the nurse cart and did not washing her hand. This is how C-diff is spread throughout nursing home and rehab center. At this time I went and seen the head nurse and told her about the situation with the nurse going in and seeing my mother with out washing her hands. She stated to me she may be washed her hands with hand sanitizer. I said to her that hand sanitizer does not kill C-diff she looked at me like I had two heads. After a week of being treated at Manor Care my mother was not getting any better she finally consented to go to the hospital. Mother was admitted to the hospital for a week. When she was in the emergency room doctor stated to me that she was not get the right dosage of anabiotic's. I would stay away from this home because after the hospital stay we found a great home and Mom is doing much better.

Not Recommended

My family member was at ManorCare Whitehall for almost four long months. The only good thing I can say about this place is that there is no odor to it. The cleaning and maintenance staff is the best thing about the place. Everything from ice, to water, to ginger ale are under lock and key. My family member was recovering from a compound fracture of the ankle and the staff seldom handled the broken limb gently. There were even times they dropped the limb and never apologized for the pain they induced. On two or three occasions, my family member needed assistance and instead of answering the call bell and her yells for help, the staff closed the door to the room. On three occasions, one of the nurses insulted my family member to her face. The final straw came when my family member contracted C-diff. Both my family member and her roommate contracted it at the same time. After 10 days of suffering with diarrhea they finally diagnosed my family member with C-diff and isolated her. That was the extent of their precautions. Very few staff members washed their hands upon entering or leaving her isolation room. No one wore the yellow gowns, gloves, or face masks that were provided in her isolation cart. After another week of suffering, my family member begged to be taken to the hospital. At the hospital, we found out that ManorCare was not giving my family the correct medication to clear up her infection. EVERYONE in the hospital had to wear gowns and gloves and wash their hands before entering and after leaving her room. Once my family member recovered (6 day stay in the hospital) we had her transferred to an excellent facility. What I have mentioned in my review is just the surface of our issues with ManorCare. I strongly do not recommend this facility.

I would not recommend this place.

I did not like this place. It was pleasant and open and nice, and sunny, but not quite as nice as where we were before. When I came to tour and I had questions, they were floundering around for who would help me. They only had one great big room, and they did the crafts and things at the same table where they ate. The wheel chair didn't have any foot rests. The bathroom smelled of urine. The room was huge and lovely, with a nice size closet. On a couple of occasions the calender hadn't been changed, and only once that I went, did I see an activity take place, most of the stuff on the calendar never got done. They just didn't have much stimulation. I would not recommend this place.

I did not like it.

I did not like it. What you hear about the care in nursing homes, I ran into it there too. The food wasn't very good. I don't know if they just needed more help, if they didn't have enough on staff or what the problem was but it was pretty bad. I wasn't very happy there. They have Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy there but the O.T. was geared more to people in their 80's and 90's, and I'm 65, some of the O.T. was very insulting, I know how to pour out a glass of water, and I can put clothes in a basket, it was just very insulting. They should gear the activites to which ones are for those with a little bit of a mental problem or their motor skills are not good. They did come and clean the floors pretty often.

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Located directly behind Caste Village on Weyman Road in Pittsburgh, PA, ManorCare provides individualized post-hospital skilled nursing care in a comfortable environment. Our clinical and therapy teams are experienced in providing specialized care focused on your needs, interests and ability. This commitment results in a smoother and safer transition throughout your recuperation.