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Customer Reviews

First rate facility

My mother has lived at Lynden Manor for over 5 years. We chose this facility as a family based on recommendations of friends and some familiarity of other assisted living services available in Whatcom county. Mom is a very independent person and resisted the idea that she couldn’t care for herself but she required much more support than we could provide. When I visited Lynden Manor the first time I waited in the foyer for a few minutes before my meeting with the staff person that gave me the tour of the property and review of services. As I waited I visited with an elderly man that was in a wheelchair. I asked pointedly about what his opinion of Lynden Manor was. He said overall it was very good . He told me that he was a picky eater and not easy to please but the dining room had always managed to meet his needs and that the food is really pretty good.
He went on to talk about the staff and how well they do caring for the residents and also about the activities and opportunities for socializing. These observations have all been accurate. The meals are very good the nurses provide a level of attention and care that as a family we couldn’t begin to match. The apartments are a private space that each resident can choose to interact with others on a level that is comfortable for them. Socializing with people who are the same age and remember the same things is priceless in my opinion. Mom is never at a loss for someone to visit with she is out of her apartment all day everyday unless she isn’t feeling well. The activities room and bus are popular and make each day something to look forward to. Mom has thrived since she moved to Lynden Manor. After Dad passed she was in a steady decline. Opportunity for socializing help with medication and meals were all obstacles to quality of life.
Lynden Manor assisted living is a well planned facility and staffed with amazing people. Not much room for improvement and I am so thankful for the service they provide.

Did Not Like the Atmosphere

I took a tour of Lynden Manor, and I did not like the atmosphere at all. It just did not have a very comfortable, homely feeling to me. I knew right away that it would not be a good fit for me, so I continued my search.