Lewis Memorial Methodist Home - Franklin, KY

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Customer Reviews

I'm not very happy with this community

My Mom lives here currently and things have not gone well. On the website, they state that they offer transportation but they don’t at all. My Mom has dementia and they do not monitor her at all. One of the staff members gave her a cigarette (after she had quit and was wearing a nicotine patch) in 19 degree weather and she fell off the front porch, 10ft onto the concrete. She was unsupervised during all of this. They never called the ambulance to check on her. Instead, they called me, placed her in her bed, and then waited the 2 ½ hours it took for me to get there to take her to the hospital myself. Overall, it’s a perfectly fine facility I guess. It’s clean and well run, the other residents seem to be relatively happy, but it doesn’t meet my mother’s needs. They have very good staff there and they’re very kind to my Mom, but they’re not well equipped to handle someone with dementia.

Mom Calls It Home

We love and think this community is wonderful! I wouldn't trade it for the world. There are residents the same age as my mom and they play bingo and talk. They have home cooking which is all wonderful and if anyone wants more they serve them again. The staff call me if they need anything and they are glad to see us when we visit. It is always the same uplifting atmosphere. I would recommend them.