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Customer Reviews

Passeo Village is the best

My sister has lived in group homes and facilities her entire adult life. Since she has been in the Behavioral Health section at PV she has become healthier and more mentally stable than ever before. The staff is capable and kind. The food is the best she has ever had. They make a huge effort to engage all the residents in activities so the common room always has people in it rather than staying in their rooms. My sister visits and does activities she has never done before. After a full year there, she has not even been close to having to go to the hospital or a mental health hospital. This is the first place she has been that takes care of both her mental and physical needs. Everything has been renovated and is very nice. The lawns and gardens are well maintained as are the rooms. PV has been a wonderful place for my sister.

A Loving, Caring Home

My loved one has lived here for over a year; and I consider us truly blessed to have found Paseo Village (formerly Lamplight Inn). The staff is UNBELIEVABLY friendly, courteous, and caring. I visit an average of twice a week; and find the continuing care and attention given to all the residents is superior to anything I have seen at any of the other facilities I have toured in the Phoenix area. I am contacted for consultation on a regular basis concerning my loved one's condition, activities, and medical issues. I can't recommend PV highly enough. This is exactly the atmosphere I prayed for in looking for a new home for my partner. I can't believe the other rating on this site is talking about the same place. Paseo Village gets an A+ rating from me. If you're looking for a home for a family member, this is a "must see".

What a difference!

I really liked the changes made. The staff seem very caring and thorough. The renovations have really made an impact on the quality of life of the residents. I see this facility being one of the best in the valley soon.

Do not let your family live here!

Paseo village puts money before the people. They rather find a way to make a dollar than to give proper care for their residents. The amount of negligence that takes place not only by the caregivers but by the people running the place is beyond anything that should be legal. If you want your family member to go uncared for and ignored paseo village is the place for you. I can't recommend this place any less. They would go as far as doubling and even tripling the rent in order to try get rid of certain residents and force them out of their homes.