Island Grove Guest Home II - Lakeside, CA

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Customer Reviews

I would not recommend

I originally chose this community because my parents are so much closer to me. I can jump in the car and I’m there in 2 minutes. All of the residents, staff, and administration are fairly friendly while I’m there visiting my parents and they treat them well. As for the staff, there are a few of them I really like, but some of the others are lackluster. One of them doesn’t really speak any English. Although, it does seem like they could use more help with the staff as they are shorthanded quite often. The rooms are always clean, the staff always straightens the bed and make sure it’s made, and my parent's clothes are always washed. For activities they have someone come in to play the piano, they play bingo often and they can actually win prizes, and they offer exercise classes. But, I gave this facility a 2 because there are a lot of things going wrong that the staff is not addressing nor offering any solution for. My mom is blind and needs some extra help going to and from places. I’ve personally heard her crying out for the staff to help her go to the bathroom to which their reply was, “Just go in your Depends.” I can tell this happens often because both of my parents get frequent Urinary Tract Infections. When my parents ask to go to the doctor the staff flat out ignores them and says they don’t need to go. Not only that but their solution is to just stick all of the residents in bed all day. They do get them up to go eat and let them move around a bit but then its right back to bed until the next meal. The food portions are on the smaller side and aren’t as nutritious because in 1 month my mom has dropped around 20 pounds. I’m not sure if it’s because the meal isn’t as good or if it’s because the staff isn’t helping her eat. I would not recommend this community.