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Customer Reviews

Good care

The person from Homewell Senior Care who worked with my mom was wonderful. She was very friendly and caring. Her main purpose was to take care of my mom's needs. She did light house keeping for her. Mom is back in rehab so we only used the service for a short time. She represented herself and the company well by her clean appearance and her positive attitude. The service was good but a little pricey.

Great Home care for a loved one

We hired HomeWell when our Mom was recovering from some health issues. They were fantastic. They came to my Mom home and made signing up easy and [Removed] explained all to us. She had a personal assistant during the day and overnight care. They were a life saver for us during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top notch care for a loved one.
They assist with housekeeping, personal hygiene, running errands and trips to the Doctor if needed.
We eventually moved our Mom into an assisted living community but they came through for us in a stressful time.

In home care.

I was not happy with this service for getting care at home with my father's needs. The service sent out caregivers that were not able to assist us. The staff management was nice, but this is not what we needed. We would not recommend this service to others. I would suggest that they get all the questions answered before they decide to use this service for

The service worked out well

The caregivers that came out to the rehabilitation center to work with dad were nice and responsive. They worked well with the staff at the center. They were there to help with some personnel needs and to help watch him during the night. They made setting up the service easy and even had someone there the same night.

This is not a final rating. So far I have an apt to meet with them on March 30.
My sister and I have scheduled the assessment and meeting with potential caregiver in early August. I think we will have a good match. I will let you know how it goes.

It's been a positive experience.

We have been satisfied. They have done a good job. It's been a positive experience.

They have been very good so far.

They have been very good so far. I don't have any major complaints. They have been reliable and the people have been good and when we needed a replacement they got someone out who was just as good, and quickly too.

So far, so good

So far so good. I do not have any problems or complaints with Homewell. The staff is friendly and professional and we hope that that will be ongoing.


I was very impressed initially with this company. Their services seemed to exceed expectations. That said, I unexpectedly lost my job before services began. I had to cancel and was still charged an early termination fee. I would have thought they would have been more understanding under the circumstances.

Nothing special

Working with this agency hasn't been the best. If your family decided to utilize services I highly suggest you make sure your caregiver s trained properly. Most of the training has been on the job. Our caregiver didn't appear to have much experience prior to her placement with my parent. Although her attendance has been excellent the services for the level of fee charged have not been commensurate. Thus I have been somewhat disappointed.


Things with Homewell Senior Care have been ok. Not great, not terrible, just ok. They had one person come out who soon later quit. There are also certain things I would like for them to be able to do that they are not, such as assist with my mothers feeding tube, and assist with moving her occasionally from one place to another. They say that in order to do that I would have to pay for two people to be there, but I can't afford that. So I am thankful to have them, but there is definitely some room for improvement in my opinion.

did a great job

Homewell Senior Care really did a great job when we used them. We are not using them at the present time simply because we have a relative living with my mother so their services are not currently needed, but when they were needed they were excellent.

Great In Home Care

This is a great in-home company. The workers are always excited to come in and help out my mom. There considerate about being in someone else home. They know what their doing and always has a smile and try to brighten up the day if she is down. Its a great feeling seeing them laugh and be in a better mood. If there is any concern then they come to me. Its definitely a great price.

Just what we needed to help keep dad at home

Home well works with the client to match their staff with the clients needs and interests. They are always reliable and responsive.

They did a good job.

We didn't have any problems with Homewell Senior Care. We liked the first girl they sent out, she worked out really well. Eventually we needed more than just home care, but they did a good job.

Great staff

The staff would be a six! They’re very good. Everything is very good. They’re a very good value for the money. The staff is really fantastic.

Very Dependable

We love them! They are very dependable. They have sent out very high quality people who have fit right into the family.

They were great! She was a great car...

They were great! She was a great caregiver. I found her to be knowledgeable and more importantly seeking new strategies to support my husband's cognitive decline. Unfortunately, I decided to close the process because I found he could only attend for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. However, if I need further srvice, I know I can rely on them to provide support. Great people! Rating 4.5.

From the Provider

Ray and Lisa are owners of HomeWell Senior Care of Central Ohio. When they discovered that they could own a business that helped seniors age gracefully and with dignity, they knew this was exactly what they wanted to do! Ray and Lisa are both very passionate about helping seniors. Ray has been in the medical industry for the past 20 years and Lisa has extensive administrative background. They are proud of the fact that they employ the best Personal Assistants (Caregivers) in Central Ohio.

Each Personal Assistant for basic and specialty care has a minimum of 1,000 hours experience. They value their Personal Assistant employees and work to let them know of that appreciation consistently. Their agency sets itself apart from others with their extensive, unique programs that are offered to the elderly of Central Ohio. Our Care managers create individualized care plans for the clients and update them as needed. Personal Assistant time sheets are created from the care plan, assuring the care is provided as directed in the care plan. Additionally, we provide quality assurance visits and call our clients routinely for input. We value our elders and seek to provide the best care available.