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Customer Reviews

Disappointed -Lack of Follow Through

Caregiver quit without giving notice. Lack of feedback from Agency even after two requests and assurances that I would be contacted.
Invoices mailed to dementia patient-no follow up on payment.
Very disappointed as the initial contact and home visit went very well.

I would recommend this home care agency!!

The caregiver from HomeCare Professionals was wonderful. He was on time and helped my friend a lot. The office staff were great when I worked with them to set up the care. We no longer need the service but I would use them again.

Worse experience ever for my parents

I am so so disappointed in your agency. I realize that home care for the elderly is a growing business and agencies are in competition for clients and for experienced, hardworking employees. We had the worse of the worse help for my mother. The first caregiver was a CNA who did help my mother but she wouldn't converse with her. She would spend most of her 6 hours sitting drinking our coffee and doing nothing. The second caregiver was not a CNA and she didn't want to do anything but sit and stare into space. She would not help my mother cut up vegetables because she claimed,"Oh no i don't do that if it's for the family". What family? My mother and father? She would not even cook dinner for them or set the table. She was totally useless. On top of that, my father was overcharged and if we didn't look at the bill, we wouldn't have known. We had to call and complain. also, they quoted us the wrong hourly rate when we first met with the sales agent. Beware, everyone, of exactly what kind of care you're going to get

Andy Howard

Local Representative

Anytime a client has a negative experience with HomeCare Professionals HCP we take the complaint very seriously to understand what went wrong. With this client HCP admittedly made some mistakes; Our Director initially quoted the wrong billing rate, (but called, apologized, and informed this client of the correct rate before services started) and we made a small billing error on this client's first invoice which was corrected on their next invoice. However, HCP was in a difficult position servicing this client because the family members were not on the same page as to the services needed, and their satisfaction with our services. For example, the spouse of the recipient of care (whom we spoke with regularly) was very surprised and upset to learn that their daughter had canceled our services. He stated that he was happy with our services and that he really liked one caregiver in particular. Apparently no family members informed him about stopping our service. We try very hard to make everyone happy, as this situation is not unique to this client, but unfortunately in this case we could not do so.

They did a good job and were awesome.

They did a good job and were awesome.

A little rocky start, but I think we have things nailed down now. Everyone is very nice and helpful, in spite of some communication issues. So far so good

Happy with the people who come out.

We are very happy with the people that have come out so far. However my loved one has gone through three people so far. It seems like they want more hours than we can pay for, so they leave. My loved ones are very happy with the lady that comes out, but now she wants more hours. We have been very good about communicating how many hours we can pay for and I feel like they should send someone for whom that works. Other than that we have been pretty happy with them.