Heritage Place Adult Living Center - Statesville, NC

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Customer Reviews

Great community and loving staff.

Words cannot express my appreciation for all your love and hard work that made Aunt [Removed] last years and as comfortable as possible. You were her family! I hope when my day comes there will be kind people like you to help.

A very nice facility!

From a visitor's perspective ... I totally disagree with the October 2016 review of services rendered at the Heritage. I have a friend there that I visit and I have NEVER seen anything of the sort as described in that review. My friend gets excellent service and from observing others there, they too experience the same. I so appreciate the work that the staff does and have heard the same from others that have visited, they are to be commended. Several facilities were visited BEFORE placing my friend there and this was one of the places that did not 'smell' when you entered, am sure you know what I mean...and that just stood out to us after having experienced the 'smell' in other facilities. I am sure that if the family placing my friend there experienced any of the things described in the earlier negative review, my friend would be relocated immediately. I would hate to think, for lack of a better expression, 'one bad apple' review would deter people from at least checking the facility out and forming their own opinion. I was totally appalled at that negative review and if the facility/treatment was so bad why didn't they remove their loved one?

Great Place

My spouse has been at the Heritage since late December. After doctor recommendations, I made surprise visits to this facility. Once I was satisfied with the place, I make nonscheduled weekly visits, at different times and different days. They never know when I will appear. Not once have I found this facility anything less than great. The staff is always friendly, I've never seen anyone [Removed], or mishandled in any way. They go out of their to care for their residents. The place is very clean, it's spotless, and there are no offensive odors. Not only is this my opinion, others that visit my spouse report back to me immediately of their positive experiences at the facility. Were I to witness anything of a negative nature, I would pull my spouse out immediately. He is happy, always clean, well fed and content. I thank God for this because I can sleep better each night knowing he's well cared for.


Looks can be deceiving. I would not allow my pet to stay there. [Removed] and time again. Even when its reported nothing is done. Knowledge of this [Removed].

They are responsible for my Mothers death

My Mother died in this hell hole. I as well witnessed my Mother restrained with a belt. She received next to no medical care and would be alive now if she were taken to a Doctor and properly cared for. Personal hygiene care is horrible and [Removed]. They are severely understaffed. I My Mother acquired numerous injuries including black eye NOT EYE (3 OCCURANCES), broken nose and a broken hand. I was cussed out by a staff member. I'm just getting started. All of this and more reported to the state with my mothers passing 2 weeks after my third report. I can document my review with pictures of my mother. I swear this review with my hand on the Bible. If you love your family member and want them alive and healthy STEER CLEAR. As of 10/26/16 the facility currently has a scabies outbreak. Check it out.

nasty mean

Do not send your loved ones here! Ive seen people held down..force fed and just plain dirty! One of the residents was tied to a chair with a gait belt. It sickens me to think this place is open!