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Customer Reviews

Care of loved ones

I placed my mother in this facility, when I visited the facility I was impressed with what I observed, since I have placed her there I have seen a decline in the caring of the residents. They are very understaffed in the departments, in observing some of the caregivers they are rude (not all of them, but some), I placed my mother because I could no longer care for her and I thought I was placing her where she would be cared for and respected. The facility was clean when I first visited, but I have seen a decline there to, the rooms are not cleaned well due to the lack of help. For the price that you pay expectations are that the residents are treated with dignity, respect and kindness, these are loved ones that have been placed in YOUR CARE to be treated kindly. I pray that I see a change, that residents do not have to wait 30 mins or more to be taken to restroom, WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO WAIT, they rely on assistance when they are not able to assist thierselves, just remember it could be you in this position someday, so treat them as you would want to be treated and also how your loved ones would be treated.