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I really think it a mistake that such a large percent of our money is spent on recruiting new residents and providing meeting facilities for nonresidents. It also bothers lots of us that alcoholic drinks are available at what seems to be an unlimited amount. Multiple times a week alcohol is free. The food quality is poor and people with special needs do not get them met. Staff administrating medicine seem to have minimal training,

Glenwood ended up in our top 3. The customer relations person, [name removed], was amazing. She took the time to get a feel for our family's situation and showed us many options. The facility is great, especially the sky gym!

I am loving it here!!

I have recently made the move into this community and so far I am very pleased with how things are going for me. The staff are all such wonderful people and have provided me with great quality of care. They always have activities and different events going on for us through out the day as well as a great social environment. I enjoy my dinning experience as well as the meals they serve us. Overall I am very happy and would recommend it to anyone.

My dad likes this place but the people seem considerably older than him. He was disenchanted by that, but likes it.

Lots of activities, great gym, and pool?
Not too sure about the food. I am wanting unprocessed

Great activities, gym and pool.
Not to sure about the food. I prefer unprocessed, grilled , baked protein options not fried.
Several add-on expenses.washer/dryer, meals, parking, housekeeping..also feel the size of rooms of the ne bedroom are too small for us. And quite a wait for a 2 bedroom.
Are feeling like the Highgate Villa with attached garage is more for s. All housekeeping, meals, parking, laundry and amazing meals included. More of a homey feel. Glee wood has lots of pluses.z

Time to downsize with all the amenities

Walking through on a first tour I loved the hallways individual shelf decoration. It showed pride of the apartments. There were tenants visiting and interacting creating a warm environment. I felt safe and welcomed in the activities. As an independent resident it is fun to choose where and when to eat lunch and dinner. My full kitchen lets me have complete independence. I also have requested a raised garden bed and have my two cats keeping me company. I love my new home.

Don't bring your loved ones here.

We had to put my Father in Glenwood Place Senior Living memory care. For the first almost year we were constantly at battle with them to keep him clean and his bed was wet many many times when visiting him. We finally got that taken care of, but there was constantly problems. They didn't see the need to wash his face, comb his hair, put his glass's on, brush his teeth or put his suspenders on him so his pants wouldn't fall down. He was often not even shaved. We got through this by trying to work with them, but it never failed, he was never really ready for his doctor visits or outings like we had requested...and this place charged him over $7,000 a month, you would think they could at least comb his hair for him. The final straw came when he passed away and they sent his grieving wife a bill for over $500 bucks because she took two days to remove his personal items from the home. We were grieving and it was also a holiday weekend. [removed] Stay away from all cost, your loved one will thank you for it.

Moving In Was Easy

They have made the whole thing pretty easy, as far as moving in and getting my husband settled. However, we are moving him at the end of the month because they do not accept medicaid.

I'd recommend Glenwood Place

All the caregivers and other staff at Glenwood Place have been patient, friendly, and happy. We have been pleased with the staff and helpfulness They have been doing a great job. They have been very attentive She is really happy there. The facility is very clean well kept.

patient, friendly, and happy

All the caregivers and other staff at Glenwood Place have been patient, friendly, and happy.

The only area of improvement I can think of would be to have had better orientation, getting us acquainted with where things are and how things work. There has been a bit of a learning curve in that regard, but other than that it has really been a truly great experience.

They are doing a good job, and they have been so easy to work with.

They are doing a good job, and they have been so easy to work with. They have so many activities, that part is great. The food is the only thing I ever hear complaints about. I almost didn't look here because I thought it would be too much money, but it's affordable, and the unit is adorable.

I'd recommend Glenwood Place

My mom is enjoying Glenwood Place. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is clean. I have to admit that I know you get what you pay for, but the services seem to be quite pricey. However, that maybe be because it's located in the northwest.

Glenwood Place in Vancouver, WA Review

I would highly recommend Glenwood Place. The staff there are friendly and wonderful. They make every effort to call residents by name and to meet them where they are!

I enjoyed the tour of the f...

I enjoyed the tour of the facilities. The studio was quite small and more expensive than the other two I visited. It was clean and inviting with quite a few amenities.