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Customer Reviews

More attention is needed in response to those living in the facility. Appliances don't function and inspections are a waste of time.

The ongoing inspections are not warranted. Seniors have to regularly prepare for ineffective inspections. When problems are identified (i.e., stove burners not functioning) during the inspections, no actions are taken to repair them. Seniors are having to prepare their meals on one burner. The oven has to be cleaned after limited used. Appliances are below basic and are best when not used. Which means, if you want to pass inspections, just sit in facility and don't use what you are paying for. The popcorn ceiling regularly peels and lands in the floor and on furniture. This is not safe as the paint is regularly falling from ceiling and residents can breathe inward. It also requires daily dusting, sweeping and mops in order to keep place clean and ready for the too-often-scheduled inspections. This facility is advertised as being conducive for seniors but it's NOT. Also the rents increases as the seniors monthly income (COLA) increases.

Two residents were kind enough to inform me that there were no one from management there. That being the case unable to tour property. My advisor had kindly scheduled me a noon appointment. My first impression not favorable.