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Customer Reviews

Review of El Dorado

Awful management.

Bad times for El Dorado West

As a visitor, I know what some of the residents are experiencing. El Dorado West is no longer being recommended by a specialist who helped seniors transition from home to assisted living. I have heard complaints that El Dorado runs out of food, condiments (like bleu cheese dressing) and milk and cups. The staff turnover and firings have become dramatic recently. Since the original owner, [name removed], passed away, this place has taken an apparent nosedive. Even residents' medications get "lost," leaving the resident to go without needed treatment for a day or so. These are some of the stories I have heard from discontented residents. Yes, even those special activities and outings are becoming less and less. I'm sorry to have to say all of this, but I'm tired of seeing and hearing about the incompetence. It's probably the fault of Village Concepts, which operates El Dorado West. Shame on them.

Avoid if you can.

This place features some of the most incompetent leadership I have ever witnessed in a senior home. Between executives that spend company money on their own birthdays in front of the residents, and managers that tell their staff to not listen to the demands and desires of the residents due to "favoritism", this place is not a place for your senior to live at.

Your senior will get a plain ham and cheese sandwich and they will enjoy it. No special orders unless you have a special diet, in which your senior never gets informed that the kitchen even has options for those with those diets and simply go hungry.

I highly advise people to look elsewhere before trusting any Village Concepts home. This company is shoddily run and when the going gets tough, the executives run away back to the office rather than actually try and fix these issues. Their staff is paid a minimum wage with some making maybe a whole dollar or two above that.

Avoid if you can.


This place is great.The staff is professional,friendly always and always helpful and competent.The residents are wonderful and I have made several new friends here.The activities are varied ,entertaining and fun.I have enjoyed church services,exercises,games and medical presentations

Very pleasant atmosphere

We found it to be clean with a happy environment. The waiting list was too long so I don't know why they don't invite more people to visit their sister place in Auburn which is Brannan Park. They're new and only 1/3 full.
El Dorado was organized well with plenty of activities and sufficient care givers. Their memory care center is way too crowded it seems but everyone is very kind and pleasant. We would have chosen El Dorado but the waiting list was too long and we needed a place right away.

Short Stay

We had only placed my dad here for about 2 weeks. From what I observed the community seemed to be clean and smelled fine. The staff was excellent at meal time someone would come and take my dad down to the dining area so he could eat. He never mentioned the food but I ate there once and the food was very good. The layout of the building seemed fine and the temperature was comfortable. The location was good only about 15 mnutes from me.

Horrible food

My father lives in the Burien facility as is constantly complaining about the food. They serve a romaine lettuce that is so tough that he can't eat it. He told me they quit serving little pig sausages everyday and now every third day. Please start thinking about the elderly needs of soft food?

Thank you,
Daughter of a resident

nice place to stay

nice place to stay and staff very friendly and helpful

Living in a retirement JUNGLE!

85% of the residents are dementia or alzheimer individuals, the staff provides little if any supervision, so residents bully one another, swear, curse and even [Removed] each other.....but staff of management is no where around when it happens. These out of control individuals are not counseled about acceptable, polite better just be able to get out of the way when one of them gets angry or [Removed]. Residents help themselves to the drink cart, salad cart or dessert cart, which is a health issue - who knows where their hands have been - and the residents don't just touch one drink pitcher or dessert they touch several - the residents also finger the glasses on the cart. One resident picks their nose then goes to the drink cart to pour themselves a beverage. Again, staff and management say nothing, because they don't pay attention. El Dorado West seems to accept anyone with the money to pay the rent with little or no concern about the mental disabilities of the applicant. Living among these individuals does not bring my retirement to life......the safest place is locked in my apartment - you can be sure I'd move away from this asylum if I could.

Lousy food and they kitchen director does not care.

The kitchen director buys cheap, processed, chemical filled food. For $3000 a month I expect real turkey not processed turkey roll. The same goes for the ham that is served to us. The pork ribs are McRibs like fast food joints.The chili is from a can and has mystery meat in it. Any pasta that is served is over cooked and mushy. The delicious rice has raw kernels in it, so its kind of scary not knowing what you will bite down on. Sometimes the meals are just plain burnt, to which the residents were told that the kitchen is not perfect. Believe me its not even adequate. Our questions and protests are met with excuses, such as "other residents like it". Who likes burnt food or cheap processed meals, not the residents I've talked to. Some of the residents don't complain because they are afraid of retaliation and believe speaking up won't change anything. The ombudsman has had little success in representing our concerns. There has to be a retirement community that provides safe, clean living for seniors including palatable food. El Dudrado is not the place.

They're okay...

I think El Dorado has been a good place and is very clean. They change the sheets in my loved one's room and keep things clean. On the weekends, though, I feel that the kitchen staff is a little lax and they don't do as good of a job as during the week. They do charge extra for little things and they were up front about it on move in, they gave me a list with pricing. There have been a couple of times that my mother has received her food in her room that looked like a last minute meal or it was cold and hard.

Outstanding Care

This is a nice community that we toured. They were nice and very friendly. The community was nice and clean. This is a top community with a lot to offer the residents. The menu was appealing and the activities would have been very nice. We recommend other families to this community for a tour of what is available for the care of a loved one.

Feeling unsure...

Things were going well at El Dorado West until there was an incident with my mother getting out at night. The staff isn't sure how it happened and believe a side door was left open.She has since been moved to Memory Care and with the exception of her falling once, I am okay with the move. Both of my parents live here.The staff is very friendly and compassionate.They offer an on-site nurse who oversees care.The food is also very good.It's a newer community and very clean. I was very pleased up until the incident with my mother getting out. I would have scored them a 5 but now I am really unsure.

A visit to the community

This was a nice community when I took my tour. The community we chose seemed to have all the amenities we were looking for. This community looked clean and the people I met were nice.

Food, Food, Food! When?

Lunch today was turkey with gravy, we asked if it was a real turkey with legs and wings, and we were told it was. So we ordered dark meat. That was not what we got! Processed, pressed turkey roll, You'd think that pressed processed turkey meat would taste like does not! Lunch is still repeating on me 3 hours later. The only thing that makes any sense to me is.....the food budget has been severely cut. This summer we were served fresh strawberries........once. The other day we last years mealy apples. Most of us elderly and aged as we are still have our sense of taste. For the price we pay per month....we are being served cafeteria food. I do not look forward to meals......just as was previously stated... the service is slow.......1 1/2 hours for lunch or dinner. I feel warehoused.
We have voiced our concerns, regarding CNS care, food quality, timely medication delivery ...nothing is getting this as good as it your employees a living wage....and you'll get more than just the minimum.

The facility has recently been rebuilt and looks very fresh and contenporary. It made it to our short list but we decided to go with a facility which was just a bit closer to family.

Bring your own food

The place is new and nice however the food is not very good. Overcooked, unappetizing and not many substitutions. My Parent has complained and so have we but nothing changes. My Parent has lost a lot of weight not liking the cold sandwiches at dinner each night. The nursing staff is nice but they are slow to provide daily services.

Convenient location, nice building, feels like a hotel, smaller population, larger refrigerator. Staff and residents seemed friendly and happy.

food is wonderful here

At El Dorado West the staff are well trained. They are so nice and helpful. If you need anything they are right there for you. The food is wonderful here. I haven't been here long enough to be very involved but some of the activities are great and some are not. This is just my issue but I hate it here, it was not my decision to come. I am legally blind so I am not making any friends. That makes it difficult for me personally. Where I came from I knew everyone. The residents just kind of keep to themselves and don't look happy. But again I am very pleased with the staff and the facility.

I don't think they are geared to assist people with Dementia..

My husband has Dementia. I don't think they are geared to assist people with Dementia. That is my only main concern. I also think he spends too much time alone. They don't have any activities for residents with Dementia. They said they would make changes. The food is really good. I had dinner there before. I want my husband home but I think this is as good as it will get. They are suppose to be making changes and I am looking forward to that.

Great Place!

My mother is living there now, and they're really nice at El Dorado! There's been some complications with payments, but they were so nice and said they'd be flexible! It's a great place, I'd recommended it!

I had a great tour with El ...

I had a great tour with El Dorado West. Maureen was very knowledgeable about the facility, knew the residents (even though she had only been there for 3 months), and truly understood wheelchair accessibility. As the complex is new, everything was sparkly and clean. The residents were engaged,and those I spoke with truly loved their new home. It was a little spendy, and the Medicaid spend-down period was 24 months. Another concern I had was the fact that all bathrooms have walk-in showers, and no bathtubs. As my mom uses a power wheelchair, and has had issues with transitioning between a power chair and a manual chair, we may need to pay extra for an aid 3x/week to help her get in/out of the shower (right now she can do this independently with her bathtub equipment). Regardless of the shower and financial concerns, I will keep this complex in my 'yes' list unless/until I find another to bump it off.

Good, however, not for my mom ~ the s...

Good, however, not for my mom ~ the staff seems caring and while old the place is well kept

Visited facility. No administrators ...

Visited facility. No administrators present, only cafeteria and 1 nurse observed. Spoke with residents, all had favorable comments. Many common areas to interact - Wii, cards, putting green. Outside seating area. Homey atmosphere, could really see her there.

From the Community

El Dorado West is conveniently located close to Seahurst Park, Salmon Creek, Puget Sound, and not far from the Sea-Tac Airport. Relax and enjoy retirement amidst a thoughtful, caring community with access to excellent health care facilities, shopping malls, bus lines, and the excitement of downtown Seattle. Residents enjoy major league sports, world class art and theater all within a 15 minute drive.
Our philosophy is simply to be of service to our residents and to bring retirement to life!