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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

absolutely recommend!

I have never met such kind, compassionate staff! My sister and I called over 50 places for our father to stay and Digby was the only place that helped us and walked us through the process. [name removed] is awesome!!! [Name removed], the director of nursing, came on her day off and evaluated my dad. And [name removed] the director helped me go through all the paperwork with ease. Thank you!!!

Do not recommend Digby Place. Dark & dingy, smelled musty & tour guide was talking bad about other communities. We were happy to leave!

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Local Representative

We're sorry to hear that your tour of our community wasn't up to our standards. We will forward your feedback to the community and continue to improve.

My father stayed at Digby Place for only a few months but we enjoyed the warm and friendly staff and the attention he received while he was there. A trusted home for your beloved family member.

Digby Place is a wonderful choice!

Due to a family job relocation, it was necessary to move our mother to Lafayette into an assisted living facility. I had visited a church member at Digby Place several years ago and remember him being quite happy there. Therefore, Digby Place was one of the first places we visited. We were greeted very warmly by staff and even a few residents. We immediately felt a familial connection. Digby Place is a rather small facility, consisting of about 40 rooms in a quadrangle with the dining room and activity rooms in the center. While we visited a couple other local facilities, none seemed to compare. All were missing that “family” atmosphere we found at Digby Place. During the year when our mother’s health deteriorated, we always found the Digby Place staff very attentive to her needs. Even during her last moments, staff were present with her and it was obvious they felt a loss just as we did. We would highly recommend Digby Place for your loved one needing assisted living.

Great place, caring staff.

We needed assisted living for my dad when my mom was recovering from surgery for 6 weeks. We looked at several places, and Digby was the first choice for all. The staff is wonderful and caring, from the administration to the housekeepers to the maintenance man, all were amazing. They took great care of my dad, and although he was not looking forward to 6 weeks anywhere, he was pleasantly surprised how much he enjoyed his stay. He made many new friends and was sad to leave. It was such a relief to his family that Digby was able to meet his needs and make him happy. I would highly recommend Digby House. If we have any more needs for assisted living, we will come back to Digby.

more than just assisted living - it's home!

Recently my mother passed away after living the last 3 years of her life at Digby Place. At the age of 87, it was determined my mom could no longer live independently. I toured and talked to several of the many assisted living communities in our area and eventually landed on her new home, Digby Place. Upon entering the facility, and being immediately welcomed by a kind and caring staff, we knew mom was home. The 3 years she spent at Digby were good ones. She made many new friends (as did I) and was loved and cared for like she was family. The staff is knowledgeable and compassionate. My mom loved them and they loved her. Her needs were always met and she appreciated how light the dining room was, the many windows and the homelike, charming furnishings. She also appreciated when the Activity Director would arrange family dinner nights, church services, bible studies and musical entertainment. Her final days were spent with a grieving family by her bedside. The staff was available to offer hugs, prayers and comfort in our time of need. I will never forget my mom’s experience at Digby Place where she was loved, valued and appreciated. [Name removed]

Many Concerns

There is never a regular cook for the residences. a dear friend lives there and goes back to her room hungry at least 1 meal a day. there is seldom anyone at reception when I go in. there is only 1 nurse on duty to take care of all concerns. there has not been a supervisor or anyone else in charge there for some time now.

Location Is Perfect

Talk about lady luck being on my side. We had toured multiple locations and either the communities were too big or they didn't fit within our budget or they didn't have anything available. But when we toured this community and spoke to the sales department everything just clicked. We loved what we saw the community is just the right size not too small and not too large. The staff is so friendly and welcoming and the residents seem happy.
The staff is extremely patient with my sister they are slowly getting her to engage in activities and encouraging her to interact with people at meal time.
She is enjoying the food which is always a plus. The location of this community is perfect for me only about 20 minutes away. It is out of the city and it is surrounded by corn fields very pretty.

[Removed] Place was very nice, Melanie B, met us very promptly and we had a wonderful visit, we were shown the option that we felt best fit Dads needs, Cable and phone are not included in the initial room rate. Level of care is consideration 1-6 the higher the level the higher the additional cost. Laundry was included in the room rate.
While Medicaid is not accepted they are willing to work with families so as to not have to have Dad move on to a different facility so long as facility and family agrees.

[Removed] place is older and established and the rep we spoke to was wonderful. [Removed].

I took a tour!

When I toured Digby Place, I thought it was a nice community. The place was clean and maintained well. The tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, we got all of the information that we needed. It was a good place but just not what we were looking for.

My very first impression of Digby, was of a nursing home, not really not what my idea of what I would want as an assisted living. While it looked clean, When we walked across the dining room floor your feet stuck to it across the whole thing like it was washed up with sugar wate. which made me take a good look at things like the furniture in the halls. While it was dust free,... there again from a good 6 feet way you could see from the grayish film on them that it was just swiped off with a dirty wet rag.. we were served lunch in the office instead of being served in the lunch room with the residents as requested. While lunch was a fairly tasty beef stew it was very unappetizing to look at. They only have studio and 1-bed,1-bath rooms at Digby andjust comparing Digby to Astor Pace's prices, Digbys 1bed,1bath,was smaller than Astors studio apartment, and it was more expensive than their 2-bed,2-bath apartments. The levels of care are more expensive at Digbys and the second person fee for your spouse was more than double. The main commons area was right next to the front entrance, and to the dining area,and since all these areas are very small and the residents seemed to gather here to visit and sit it was rather crowded and congested there as you came in the door. My mother has Parkinson's and loses her balance very easily and it was a bit to close for her comfort. The staff was very friendly and very informative. The residents did seem to be quite happy and satisfied, though we never really got to talk to them and or visit, like we may of had we gotten to eat in the dining room. All in all I don't think we will be choosing Digby for Mom and Dad.

Digby Place is an outstanding team of Caregivers for my parents.

Digby Place is an outstanding team of Caregivers for my parents. I have the highest confidence that Digby Place is overseeing all of their needs because I have experienced their professional work. On two occasions that I was leaving to take my father for a doctor appointment, I was handed some papers to give the doctor with all of his medications, etc. They are thinking ahead for me!
The staff at Digby Place are "always available" to talk to me about their care by phone and in person. Any request that I have for my parent's care is always taken as "important" and added to their daily needs. This is a warm and welcoming home for my parents and for our family.
This is awesome!
Thank you Digby Place!

Very nice place!

We're very pleased with how things have turned out at Digby Place! The staff here is friendly and caring, and they're really good about working with the residents to keep everyone engaged! I also really appreciate how communicative they are and how they'll get in touch with you the moment something comes up. My loved one has settled in well, and really seems to be comfortable here!

Digby Place offers excellent care

Digby Place offers a welcoming environment with a friendly staff that is committed to providing excellent care to the residents.
Residents are kept busy with engaging activities, and families are always welcome to join their loved ones for meals, visits, or any other occasions.

Digby Place Rocks!

We were looking for an assisted living for Dad a couple of months ago after we noticed he wasn't taking his medicine correctly and things seemed out of place at his house. We decided to move Dad into Digby Place and we couldn't be happier! The people over Digby made the transition so easy and we truly feel like they are part of our family. I highly recommend Digby Place for anyone who is looking into Assisted Living for their loved one.

Our family was put in a very tough si...

Our family was put in a very tough situation after my grandfather became very sick and wasn't able to take care of himself. The people at Digby Place were so compassionate and easy to work with, it was a no brainer!

My grandfather is back on his feet and healthy again but he has choosen to stay at Digby. We asked him why he didn't want to go home? He replied, "This is home, and these people are part of our Family".

We absolutely love it at the Digby Pl...

We absolutely love it at the Digby Place. We are very impresse overall. The activities are really good too. We are well satisfied, and everything is super.

From the Community

Digby Place provides thoughtful, compassionate care in a warm, senior living community. We develop individual care plans to meet the needs of each resident. A full-time registered nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care. We welcome pets and help our residents flourish by offering a variety of activities, such as arts and crafts, bingo, exercise classes, educational seminars, Qigong, card and board games, and sports nights. We go on visits to the local senior center and outings for shopping and dining. We strive to offer high quality assisted living in Lafayette, which ensures our residents have the care and attention they deserve.